Back off, She's Mine!

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When he gets jealous! 

Valt Aoi 

Valt noticed that you've been hanging out with Rantaro a lot recently. He didn't like that. 

Valt stopped talking to Shu once he heard you talking and laughing with Rantaro. "Is something wrong, Valt?" Shu asks, "Uhh," Valt says, not paying any attention to Shu's question. "Shu!" Nika's voice called out and Shu looked at Valt once more and then left. 

"Rantaro!" You say in between laughter, "That's the funniest thing I've heard all day!" You felt someone's hand on yours. You look over and saw Valt grabbing your hand. "Do you need something, Valt?" You ask as Valt nodded. "I remembered my Mom saying that she needs your help and mine." He says, trying to come up with an excuse. "Help with what?" You ask, "Bread making!" 

"O-Oh! Okay!" You say, you looked back at Rantaro giving him an apologetic look. "Sorry, maybe we can talk later!" You tried to say as Valt tried to drag you away. Rantaro didn't have enough time to respond.


On the way to Valt's house, the blue haired male was still holding on your arm. You began wondering why he was acting so strange today. Then it hit you. "Valt...were you...jealous?" Valt stopped, he looked over to you with embarrassment. "Maybe." You chuckled and hugged him. "I love you and only you." You say, Valt smiled and hugged you back. "I know."

Shu Kurenai

Shu can sometimes be very possessive. But it wasn't like he went too far on some things. 

Lui has gotten a lot closer to you now and Shu got really annoyed. You and Shu share a strong trust, so he knows you wouldn't even consider cheating, so scratch that off. So that might leave that you and Lui are either siblings or just share a strong friendship. 

Shu heard you talking to Lui energetically. You were kinda shy so you never really talked to anyone. So, why on earth would you be talking so happily to someone. Shu came into the living room, his smile twitching slightly. You turned around to see your albino boyfriend, "Oh hey, Shu!" You greeted, Shu wrapped an arm around you as he kept a glare on Lui.

"Shu Kurenai." Lui somewhat greeted. Shu didn't respond. Shu did tell you about his situation with Lui, but when you actually talk to Lui, he seemed nicer and gentle towards you. You and Lui were childhood friends so that's probably why. "What're you doing here?" Shu asks defensively. "Shu!" You scolded, "That's rude!" "No, no, it's fine (Y/N). " Lui says, "I'm just here to talk to my friend, Shu."  Shu looked confused, "Wait, you know him?" You rolled your eyes, "Well, duh! He and I are childhood friends!" Shu sighed, "Oh, and Shu..." You leaned over to his ear, "It's okay to be jealous~" 

Shu's face was red, out of embarrassment, the entire time Lui was here.

  Rantaro Kiyama  

"(Y/N)! Pay attention to meeee-" Rantaro whined, you sighed. "Look Rantaro, ever since we did the Beyblade tournaments. I've put my school work aside and focused more on the tournament." You explained as Rantaro listened. "And my grades were effected by that. So I really need to finish this." You finished as Rantaro sighed. "Fine."  

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