Chapter 15

Everything was going well until I reach the hotel's entrance. The humor from the talk Zayn and I just had is now slowly fading away as I get closer to the hotel.

My stomach is now filled with wild butterflies that keep hitting my stomach walls. My hands began fidgeting and my heart's thrumming in an uneven rhythm.

I entered the elevator and before I knew it. I'm already on the 17th floor, standing in front of Harry's room. Actually, they all had a common room and inside was their individual rooms. I kinda figured out that Harry will be staying at their room alone.

I knock on the door still unsure of what am I suppose to say

"Who is it?" a husky voice ask

I bit my lip "Um-... H-Harry... It's me K.. Kaleen"

There was a long silence before he replied

"I want to be alone"

Words started pouring out of my mouth "Harry... I'd understand if you don't wanna talk to me.. Um-.. But listen I'm sorry. I'm really sorry..." tears started to building up on my eyes. I tried to blink them away but they just end up streaming down my face "... It's stupid of me to say that. I know how you feel about me and I should've understood you more. I'm really sorry Harry. I'm not asking you to forgive me now I just want you to know how sorry I am... Bye Harry"

I kinda stood there for a while hoping that he might open the door

I sighed then wipe the tears that fell down my face. I turn my back and heads for our room instead when...


Harry pulls me into a tight hug it's as if I could already feel his heart's beat on my chest.

Sadness overcomes me when I saw Harry's face knowing that I hurted him more than I should. My hands started to shake as I wrap it around his shoulders

"I-I-I'm... S-so-sorry" sobs drowns out the words from my lips

Harry lets me go then cups my face with both of his hand. He presses his forehead against mine while wiping the tears away


His green eyes are mesmerizing though I can see pain in them

Harry leans in too quickly leaving me no choice..

Our lips met, his, left a burning sensation on mine. His kiss was quick but passionate

He gasp

"I-I... don't think.. that's... right" I whispered as Harry continuously stroke my cheek with his thumb

"I'm sor-sorry, I just... I guess I needed that" he whispered

I just nodded.

I do owe him for hurting his feelings besides a kiss wouldn't hurt, would it?

"It's fine. It's just a kiss right?.."

I heard the sound of feet running which made my head turn sideways


Jill was already running towards our room with Zayn trailing behind her. I went after her quickly.

Jill locked our room's door. Zayn was trying to make her come out or just even unlock the door but she just won't

I knock on the door gently

"Jill? Please.. I need to talk to you.. Please?"

There was a moment of silent then the door swung open. 

I told Harry and Zayn to wait outside since we need to talk alone

Jill was sitting on the edge of her bed. Crying with eyes staring on the floor

It pains me to see her like this for I love Jill so much and as I said earlier she's more than a best friend to me, a sister is a more appropriate term for her

I sit beside her slowly taking her hand in mine

"Jill... I'm really sorry for everything..." I started sobbing again "... I didn't mean to hurt you, that's the last thing I wanted to do. You've been there for me ever since the beginning and I love you Jill... I'm sorry"

She looks up at me with tears running down her beautiful face

"Do you like him Jill?" I ask her in a low voice

She knows very well that I'm talking about Harry but she just smiled bitterly then hugs me tightly

I can't help it but cry with her too. We both let go of each other

I wipe the tears from her cheeks

"I can tell him to stop it Jill. I'll do anyth-"

"No!... I accept your apology you don't need to tell him to stop" she cuts me off

I could feel pain vibrating in her voice. She hugs me again and cries even more

"... Besides.." she whispered in my ear "... I have Zayn"

I felt like someone stabs me in the chest. I don't wanna tell her how I feel about him, Zayn really likes her and I bet she'd be happy with him.

It's a good thing Jill couldn't see my face for we're still hugging each other. Uncontrollable tears escape my eyes as I try to nurse my broken heart.

"Yeah.." I replied trying to hide the sadness in my voice "... Zayn likes you a lot. I bet he'll.. Take care of you really good"

We broke from the hug and Jill was surprise upon seeing tears run down my face

"What's wrong?"

I shook my head and force a smile "Nothing. I'm just happy for you and... And Zayn"

"I'm happy for you and Harry too..." she says "..I guess it will always be Harry and Kaleen"

I tried to smile at her, having the same realization like she does

It's always gonna be Harry and Kaleen and not Zayn and Kaleen. Zayn belongs with Jill and not me

I nodded in pain finally accepting the reality of the situation "Yeah... Zayn and Jill"

We sat there for a while fixing ourselves before going out to Harry and Zayn

I held Jill's hand as we got out of the room and the boys seem pleased at the sight of us together

"Everything all right?" Zayn asks Jill, holding her free hand

She nodded with a smile "No more fights and secrets" 

I nodded in response "No more of that"

"... Then I'll have one more secret to tell.." Jill says grinning

"What?" Harry asks her

"It's about Kaleen..." she says

I look at her puzzled "Me? What about me?"

She smiles widely and looks at me then Zayn then Harry

"It's Kaleen's 21st Birthday tomorrow!"

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