Abusive parents

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I sat down and looked at my therapist, her eyes were creepy as hell. When she looked at me it seemed like she was looking into my soul which made me even more creeped out.

"So ms y/n, what has been troubling you these days? Why have you come here?" "I'm..uh depressed. Ya know I just really hate my life. It sucks like hell, my parents abuse me, especially when they're drunk it's just so horrible. I try telling my friends, my older siblings, even the police. They don't do shit."

"None of them? Even the police?" "No they don't believe me, it's like burning a perfectly good marshmallow, but then once you blow all the fire off it's just like new. It's all white and clean, just like it was before you burned it. You know it was just in fire but now it's all new."

"Hmmm. Let me guess, you're the marshmallow? You're parents are the fire?" "Yeah basically, they beat me like I'm just a piece of shit getting thrown away. They say I'm trash, and now my friends call me trash cause they don't believe that my parents beat me."

"What if I were to come to your house right now? Would the house be sparkly clean? Or dirty as a trash can?"

"Who knows these days? Every time I invite a friend over, my parents somehow find out and they clean the house and every single detail of me being abused."

"Maybe your friends parents text yours?" "Neither of them have any of my their numbers. It's like they're psychics or something, they know when something's coming."

My therapist looked at the clock," Well it's time for my next session. I'm sorry ms y/n, bit you must go." "So that's it? You're not even gonna help me?" "Didn't I just have a conversation with you?" "That was just a waste of time and money! You're not even going to help me?!"

I put my hand in my sonde jacket pocket where I secretly hide my gun. She looked at my hand," Now now don't do anything that will harm people. We have more sessions." "You won't even try to help me." "I will sweetheart, I'll call the police."

"DID YOU NOT JUST FUCKING HEAR ME? MY PARENTS WONT LET ANYONE KNOW IM ABUSED!" I screamed before pulling my gun out pointing it at her.

"I'll call the security on you, they'll pull you out and throw you in jail." "I don't care I'd rather be anywhere else but home!" I shot the older woman. She fell to the floor bleeding to death.

I laughed," You should've helped me." I said to myself. I walked out with the gun in my hand," I just shot my therapist! Come arrest me fuckers!" I yelled so everyone could hear me.

I ran as fast as I could but then slowed down so they could tackle me." Oh no." I joke as they put handcuffs on me. They brought me to jail and put me in a cell.

"Finally, I'm away from hell." "Oh sweetie this is actual hell." A woman with a body full of tattoos said." You don't know me." "Let me guess you killed your therapist to get away from your abusive parents?"

"How did you know?" "There's several gossipers on this hall. The other halls are boring as bird watching." She was so fuckin chill, she's my new friend.

"Ugh, I hate bird watching." Another man said, damn he was hella tall," Who are you?" I asked,"I'm brand new just like you. Names Gerald." "I'm y/n."

"Hey you didn't ask for my name! It's Tracy." "Nice to meet you both." Damn the guy on my right is hot as hell.

"So why'd you kill your therapist?" "To get away from everything basically. My parents are abusive a-" "When you get out of here your parents are going to be worse on you."

"Not if they're dead. They're both like fifty years." "How old are you?" "28, how about you?" "Same. How do you know they're going to die?" "I'm in here for about ten years. Plus my parents will probably get cancer from all the shit they do."

"Mmmm, when we get outta here, wanna go run away somewhere together? Somewhere no one else will find us?" "Yeah. That'd be nice. Really nice."

For once in the life, in ten years that is, I'll be free from hell. I'll be in paradise will someone I will hopefully marry. Except not until were almost 38.

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