I rolled my eyes exasperatedly, mirroring his action by picking up a menu too. 'Well you were the one that suggested we should bring paperwork, i would have been perfectly happy sitting here with a book or something'

'But if you had your nose in a book you wouldn't be able to enjoy the full pleasure of my company' He teased, his eyebrow cocked.

I chuckled taking a sip of wine. 'I don't think pleasure is the right word'

'Then what is?' He inquired, that glint of curiosity dancing in the pools of his eyes again.

I bit my lip, playing up to his stupid little game. 'I'll let you know after my 3rd glass of wine'

He smirked with intrigue, my eyes probably watching his lips for longer than they should have. Tommy raised his hand and started clicking his fingers, insinuating that he wanted the waiter to come over and take our order.

It turned out me and Tommy were more alike than i had previously thought, (in terms of appetite anyway). For starters we both had paté paired with a glass of whiskey, then for our main meals I opted for an 8oz steak while he went for the grilled chicken.

'I wish you hadn't of picked the most expensive meal on the menu' Tommy said handing the waiter our menus before taking a sip of his whiskey.

'What does it matter to you?' I asked. 'It's all coming out of my pocket'

He chuckled as-if i'd missed something.

'What's so funny?' I asked, clearly not understanding the gist of whatever joke he found so humorous. 'It's my meal and i'll pay for it'

'It's usually the man that pay's for the date. I don't think I've ever been out with a girl that hasn't let me pay' He explained.

'Do you know how stupid you sound?' I chuckled. 'News flash Tommy, women got the vote, and guess what' I smirked leaning across the table. 'They can also get the bill'

He instantly started shaking his head taking a drag from his cigarette. 'No way. I'm all about equal rights and splitting the bill 50/50, but i'm not having you pay for the whole meal'

I shook my head smirking, leaning back in my chair. 'You've annoyed me, i have the need to prove something now'

He smirked raising an eyebrow. 'Now who sounds stupid?'

I tired hard to suppress the smile forming on my lips but it was no use. I raised my wine glass and nodded in his direction. 'Well played Mr Shelby'

His smirk grew wider as he copied my action, his face becoming softer in the dim candlelight that surrounded us.


'Ok worst first dates, go' I grinned excitedly chugging down my 3rd glass of wine. Me and Tommy had gotten bored after about 40 minutes of work. We decided that our time should be occupied with something a little less heavy, so we settled upon a light-hearted game of 21 questions. We'd both agreed mentally that the questions would not be too personal, which worked in both our favours when taking into account that 'trust' wasn't one of our strongest suits.

He chuckled leaning his elbows on the table lacing his hands together. '6 years ago i took a girl to the stables for our first date' I winced already knowing where this story was headed. 'Long story short, we ended up very cold and very messy, something that this particular girl wasn't very fond of'

I shook my head picking at the peanuts in the middle of the table. 'See I don't get that' He raised his eyebrows as i explained. 'Riding horses, having fun and getting messy with someone you like, how could you not have a good time?'

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