Chapter 15

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Angel's POV

I suddenly got an idea, so I sat up in a flash. I guess it startled the boys because they jerked back a little and looked at me in surprise.


"Yes, Luna?"

"Could you help me with something, Chris?"

"Of course Luna, with what may I ask?"

"You need to help me get away from these two idiotic Alphas."

Chris started to come closer but the twins growled at him, loudly.

"Don't you dare take another step towards us, Chris."

He only chuckled and nodded at them. Then he turned to me.

"I'm sorry Luna, but you're on your own on this."

"Chriiiiiiiisss... pleeeeeease."

The twins now growled at me.

"Don't talk to him like that."

"Like what?"

"In that tone. We don't like it when you talk to him like that."

I raised my eyebrow at them, looked at Chris, then back to them and raised my other eyebrow too.

"Umm... okay...?"

They both kissed my cheek and calmed down. And then I decided to break the ice and ask a question.

"Anyway. What's the deal with those two girls?"

And well, as you can guess, the twins tensed up again.

Good job Angel, good job.

"Like you said, they just want us for the power and accordingly to someone-" Xander sent me a pointed look which I blushed at again, " -for our good looks."

"But you don't have to worry about them, little one. We haven't wanted them before and now that we have you, we definitely won't want them."

"So you like haven't been with them?"


"Not at all."

I smiled as I could see pure honesty in their eyes. I hugged Xavier and hummed happily.

"Were you that worried about it, baby?"

Opening my eyes and looking at them, I could see concern in both of their eyes. I smiled slightly resting my cheek on Xavier's shoulder, mumbling out a small 'no'.

"Good. Because you never have to be."

Xavier was now rubbing my back and I immediately felt sleepy.

They both cooed at me.

"Are you tired, Angel?"

I shuffled a little closer to Xavier's neck, mumbling a 'no' again.

I felt the vibration of Xavier's chest as he chuckled lightly at me.

His one hand came behind my head to hold it in his neck and the other hand supported me under my butt when he stood up and I wrapped my legs and arms around him.

He walked towards the office's door and I noticed Xander walking close behind us.

Xavier patted my butt gently and whispered to me:

"Go to sleep baby girl, you're tired."

And with that I closed my eyes.


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