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"Hmm," I smirked and dragged the blade down his chest. He writhed beneath me.

"Stop," He begged. I only pushed the knife down harder, going through a few more layers of skin.

"Are you going to talk?" I sneered and gripped his neck harder.

"Never, y-you crazy b-bitch." I ripped the knife across his chest and watched the blood pour from the gash. He hollered in pain which only fueled me to finish my mission.

"Rico is getting very impatient and you know it." I lifted the knife to his throat. "As I see it, you have two options. Tell me and no more torturing or," I pressed the knife down and watched blood trickle down his adams apple, "Or you can answer to Rico."

"No more torturing? I'm f-free?" He choked out. My devious grin spread further across my lips.

"Yes." I hissed.

"They're hiding."

"Where?" I lifted the knife only a smidge.

"In Florida. They didn't tell me where. Alejandro has your drugs there, I promise. Thomas told me. That's all I know. Please let me go."


I smirked and lifted my knife in the air. I heard a faint scream before I plunged the sharp blade into his chest. "No more torturing." I said and lifted myself from his lap. I watched the life leave his eyes.

"No one likes a rat, anyway." I pulled the embedded knife from his chest and tossed it to one of my guys who were guarded the door. "Clean that for me. She's my prized possession. And you, clean up this mess. Don't want the patrons to stumble down here and find him."

"Yes, boss." He stepped aside for me and another guy opened the door for me. I walked up the stairs that led out of the basement.

I peered out and saw my second prized possession. My casino. The biggest casino in Las Vegas.

I slipped up the back stairwell before anyone could see my bloody clothes and my blood spattered face.

"I need Rico on the phone," I said as I passed another one of my men and went straight into my room.

I stripped down to my black bra and panties. There was a knock on my door and I smiled. Another mission accomplished.

I opened the door and retrieved the phone. "Thanks, Lenny."

"Boss," He nodded and I shut the door again.

"Rico." I said and held the phone between my shoulder and my ear as I searched for a dress to wear.

"Has it been done? Did you get the information?"

"Of course I did. It offends me that you have to ask. They are in Florida."

"I bet they are in Miami."

"That would be my guess. Organized crime has gone up in that city. I would start there."

"Thanks again, Maddox."

"No problem. Now if you'll excuse me, I have someone to kill." I hit the end button on the phone and tossed it on the bed. "Lenny?"

"Yes, boss?" He entered my room. I held up a dark blue dress and a black one.

"Black or blue?"

"Blue goes better with your eyes, boss." I grinned.

"It does, doesn't it?" I held the blue number in front of my body. I then switched to the black one. "But black will hide the blood spatters."

"You are right." He said with a small smile.

"Of course I'm right. They don't call me boss for nothing." I slipped the black dress from the hanger and pulled it over my body.

"Boss?" I turned and saw Scott standing there holding my knife.

"Ah, thank you." I reached on my tip toes and kissed him on the cheek. I strapped the knife to my thigh and 9 mm to my other thigh. I slipped on my black pumps and twirled for the two men.

"Let's go, boys. Someone betrayed me yet again." I declared and walked out, with Lenny and Scott walking behind me. They were my two most loyal people. I could count on them for anything. They were almost like my brothers.

I rode down in the elevators to the first floor. The sex lounge.

The doors slid open and I was hit with the musky smell of sex. Well, what's to be expected from a sex lounge.

I walked passed all the naked men and women who were enjoying themselves. Lenny and Scott flanked my sides as we walked towards him.

"Thomas," I called and watched the man turn around. I glared at the girl who was basically humping his leg. She scurried off, much to Thomas' dismay.

"We seem to have a problem." I said and slid onto his lap myself.

"What's wrong?" His hands found my waist and I smirked. Good. Get comfortable.

"We had this man in the torture room and he said that you guys were good friends." Thomas seemed to still below me. "Take a guess at who he worked for."

Thomas pushed me off his lap and started to make a run for it but I grabbed his ankle before he could get out of my reach. I unstrapped the knife from my thigh and thrust it deep into the side of his calf.

He yelped and tried to take off running again but he didn't get too far. Lenny had him on the ground with a gun pointed to his head before I could blink. See what I mean? Loyal.

I pushed myself up from the ground. "You are a stupid, stupid man, Thomas. And that stupidity is going to make you pay. Take him down to the basement." I said over my shoulder. "I'll deal with him tomorrow."

Scott and Lenny nodded and proceeded to carry him down the my favorite room in the whole building.

I huffed and blew the hair out of my face. Work never lets up. It's a good thing I like to kill people.

Yes, I was what people defined as crazy, psychotic, mad, deranged, hell even go as far as to say I was a lunatic.

I guess I had come to terms that I was demented and I was good with that. I was okay with death and death was okay with me.

Some even said that I was death. I guess when you are the last person they see before the kick the bucket, it seems sensible that you are death.

I strapped my knife back to my thigh and gazed around my masterpiece. No one even batted an eyelash at the scene that just happened.

Death around here was normal. Murder was normal. Being completely crazy was normal.

And that why I fit in so much.

So this was just a little something that was stuck in my head today and I must say that I did enjoy writing this.

Maybe I'll continue writing for this if you guys like it. If you did like it, please vote and comment. It will make my day.


- Kate

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