Short Film - Hate of Something Loved

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Daniel put his phone away, and walked the few short steps back to his partner, relaying the information he had heard and adding "Those who came across her said she was upset at finding him, but left pretty quick once she was able to."

"And no-one followed her?" his partner asked, looking up.

"No. They decided it was best not to follow her directly. However, they did say an indirect tail led to the building we were at earlier."

"And it seems this business report is nothing of the sort. While you were talking, I read through it, and it's hard to believe, but it's a love letter the victim wrote."

"Hmm... Male victim, a female who found him, but quickly left..."

And then it hit him, and his partner seemed to realise it at the same time, as they both said "Once it became clear she could be accused!"

"Come on! Let's get there," Daniel said.

His partner started pulling herself up from the ground as she said, "But first we need to report to command about where we found him."

"No need," a voice stated from behind a tree. The two turned to face the voice, and saw a man walking toward them. The man continued with "I can take care of him."

"Ah. Officer Carson," Daniel jovially stated. "You was the one who first reported this?"

"Yes. I'd been searching back down that path," Officer Carson informed, indicating behind him with a thumb. "It's a good thing you two found him first. Head off. I've got this."

"Okay. We'll leave him in your hands." Daniel gave a nod of respect, then turned to his partner. "Come on, May. Let's get going."

As Officer Carson moved forward to the body, Daniel and May ran back along the path, and out of the woods.

"That building will probably be difficult to find a suspect in," May said as the two stood looking into it. "We could always split up."

"No," Daniel said. "If one of us finds her, and needs backup, there might not be the chance to call the other one back. We stay together."

"Okay sir. You were right about that funny feeling, though."

Daniel cracked a wistful smile that disappeared after a second. "Yes... Again, be careful."

The two stepped into the small lobby area, looking up at a large floor-to-ceiling window on the next level. From the small lobby, they were now in the building proper. Doors to the immediate left and right looked as though they might be emergency stairways, with the main stairway in the middle point of the building to the left.

"If this is indeed where our suspect is," Daniel said, "then it's a perfect place to hide."

"Among the students who're studying," May added.

The two looked around, and another door on the same wall as the entrance was noticed by them. Walking to it, Daniel looked in and saw numerous computers and students at them.

"Studying. All of them," he commented.

"Should we knock and ask?" May ventured.

"No. We want to keep this as quiet as possible. However-"

The sound of a door opening made both of them look to it. Stood in surprise was a female with black clothes, and hair that was styled to flow down the left side of her face. As this description finally matched up to Daniel's thoughts, a look of recognition alit his face, and he ran full-tilt to the door. He shoulder-charged the suspect through the door, and heard May running to make sure the exit was blocked.

"We know you did it. Stop struggling," Daniel said in a commanding tone.

"Did what? Let me go!" the suspect said, continuing to struggle.

"You killed your boyfriend," May stated. Then added "Admit it, Lucy," in a stronger tone.

A fleeting look of surprise showed on Lucy's face. She had evidently not been expecting them to know her name. She stopped struggling, seeming to think it was pointless now she was cornered.

"Okay! Fine! I did it!" Lucy pleaded. With a bit of a hopeful tone she added "Can I go now?"

"That cannot be allowed to happen," Daniel stated. "The only thing we want to know is why you did it."

"He's an arrogant little-"

"We don't need a personal bias in this," May interrupted with the sharpness of a blade. "Again – why?"

"I hated him. He would always try to get me to go out with him to places. And he always persisted when I said no." That last part was said with venom.

"So why not just break up with him?" Daniel asked reasonably.

"I'd still have to see him every day I was in university. We were both in the same class. Many others agreed with me about him being and arrogant little-"

May interrupted Lucy with a loud shout of "Okay!" as though tired of hearing the insults. Even Daniel had to admit to finding it tedious. "What did you do to him?" May continued.

"It's not like you won't be able to find out anyway. In fact, you probably already have."

And with that, it looked as though Lucy wouldn't say another word. With a sigh, May pulled out her phone.

"Command," she called into it. "We have the suspect. If Officer Carson is finished with the victim, tell him to report to us."

It took a while for Officer Carson to arrive, who took hold of the suspect and took her away. Outside the building, Daniel and May stood looking at the building again.

"Another case solved," May said, looking happy.

"Yes... But again I wonder at the depths people will go to harm a loved one."

May looked at Daniel. "Didn't sound as though she loved him all that much."

"There must have been an attachment there to begin with," Daniel said, with his tone sounding thoughtful. "Sometimes, the things we love about someone turn into things we hate about them if exposed to them long enough."

"I see..."

Upon the last sentence, the screen faded to black, and the credits started rolling. Quinn had been playing May, with Hannah playing Lucy. Ross' name wasn't mentioned at all.

The applause that had started died down as Daniel moved away. Eliott took to the front again.

"Those films were great efforts," he said. "And now we'll be having a vote between you all to see which was the best."

They couldn't vote for their own film, so Daniel had an easy choice of which to pick. The film he had just shown gained a few votes from the front. When the film Alicia had showcased was called for votes, he raised his hand. Carson did the same, as did all of the secondary group over to the left.

"I'm sure the rest of you would have voted for the film Vector showcased, yes?" Eliott asked of the group.

A few comments of agreement met this question, allowing Eliott to announce the winner. Each of Alicia's group received a wrapped parcel. Eliott rounded up the day with "Those DVD's are recently released films, so I hope you enjoy them. For everyone, I hope you have fun over the summer holiday, and wish to see you all well at the start of next term. See you then."

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