Short Film - Hate of Something Loved

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Daniel stood up with his memory stick, hoping that their film would play. His group's film was perhaps the longest of the three, and perhaps he and Quinn had been ambitious with the idea. It would have worked out, had it not been for Ross. Uncooperative as usual, he had wanted no part, then tried to take over the entire thing. Things had picked up once he had sorted the problem out, but the film still wasn't perfect.

The film did work, and it loaded quickly. He saw himself looking into the camera, with the film's title above him. Then the film began proper.

Daniel was stood outside a building, lost in thought. He was looking at it, but not entirely seeing it. It was brick with a glass front, with automatic doors. The inside of the building was mostly open plan. People were moving around it, but no-one entered or left.

"Sir! Sir!" a call sounded behind him. "There's been reports of a murder nearby. The top guys knew we were in the area and asked us to check it out." Daniel didn't move, still looking in the direction of the building. The other, a female, was now stood beside him. She looked at him, and asked "Sir? You did hear that, didn't you?"

"Of course I did," Daniel finally spoke. "It's just... I have a funny feeling about this place is all. As though there is something here I should be aware of."

"Well, sir. It could be that we'll return after we look at this case and you realise what that funny feeling is."

Daniel finally turned to face the other. "Yes. Now then," he said, "where exactly did this murder happen?"

"Why is it always in a dark place?"

Daniel and his partner were stood looking at the entrance to a forest. It was near to where they had been, and that was making Daniel think that his funny feeling about it might be revealed to be related to this case.

"Well, for a start," his partner spoke, "dark places conceal very well. They also-"

"It was a rhetorical," Daniel interrupted with a slight bit of power put behind the last word. He looked to his partner, and she locked eyes with him. "Either way, keep an eye out for anything that might happen."

"Yes, sir!"

The two slowly started walking into the woods, pulling out phones and activating the torches on them. They split as the path did, with Daniel taking the left side. He didn't have to walk long before a shout alerted him.

"Sir! Found the victim."

Daniel took the most direct route to follow the voice, and crashed through some foliage to see his partner knelt down beside a body. It is a male, with spiky brown hair and freckles on his face.

"Ah, he looks young. Well, just under manhood, anyway," Daniel said. "What could he possibly have done for this to happen to him?"

"Well, he wasn't murdered with a weapon," his partner said, giving the body a close examination. "It leaves only one other option."

"Poison. But why here?"

"Wait. There's... But- This makes no sense!"

His partner pulled a piece of paper from underneath the body and looked briefly at it. "It's a report. A business report of some type. I don't think a suspect would have left it behind intentionally. It must have been a quick job."

Daniel nodded to show he had heard, and stepped away a bit. Deactivating the torch on his phone, he called command. "What was the time the murder was reported?" It was roughly an hour ago. "Okay. Any other details?" Daniel looked around at the body. "Someone with him, you say? A description?" A female with dark hair that was long, and she had styled it to flow to the left of her face. A black shirt and trousers. "Okay. We'll get back to it."

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