Chapter 1

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Ugh! I swear I hate Mondays. I woke up to my alarm playing OG Bobby Johnson - Que and I got up and walked to my moms room to see if she got in last night but she didn't. We used to be hella close until one day she picked my up from school my 8th grade year...


Me- "Hey Momma," I said while getting in the car kissing her cheek.

Her- "Hi baby, how was school?"

Me- "It was ok. We had a really heated discussion in class about gay marriage and weather we think it should be legal or illegal."

Her- "Ohhh. Ok. I hope y'all got smart kids in that school and they think that gay marriage is FOUL!"

Me- "What you mean it's foul ma?"

Her- "I mean exactly what I said. Gay people make my skin crawl!! 😖"


Wellpp that there explains it. That right there is the reason why I have to pretty much lead a double life. I wanna tell my ma but she works so hard to gimme shit and allat so imma juss do what I needa do till I go off to college.

I waked back to my room and got in the shower and did my hygiene business. I got out the shower and dried off looking in the mirror tryna find space for my next tat. I brushed my teeth and stuff, got that Colgate smile 😃. I went to my dresser to get me some holli (Hollister) draws and a sports bra. Good thing my Asian ass ain't got no titties 😂 but yea.

I looked at my phone to see if my girl Brittany texted me and she didn't. Her ass still mad bout some shit that happen lass night. OhMyFreakingGosh. She soo fucking irritating but I love her ass. We been together for 3 years and shit. 😏 but she get mad over small stuff!

|| Brit POV ||

Her olllll beanbag head ass gone sit here an lie in my face when I confronted her about tryna flirting with this hoe named Christina. I SEEN THE FUCKING MESSAGES! Bre thought she was slick by deleting them but naww I pulled up the records. I know I'm doing the most but ion like nobody to be messing with what's mine! I'm selfish as fuck. But lemme tell y'all bout myself before I catch a case. I'm juss black, Ian with all this mixed shit lbvs. I'm 5'1 and I'm thick. Got a nice brown complexion with hazel eyes. Thick hips, flat stomach, (no pack 😕) and got some nice boobies. My style is unique and different cause not ya average. But man oh man does Bre fucking irritate me! I love the girl and all but these hoes is juss sum'n else B.

|| Bre POV ||

I got dressed. Since it was Monday I decided not to show out with my dress game so I juss threw on sum'n simple.
*Black Phreshman Sweat Pants
*Red Phreshman Long Sleeve Shirt
*Raptor 7s
*Black Rolex
*Black Diamond Earrings
*Hair in a low slick ponytail.

After I got dressed I got my homework off the table and allat cause ya girl keeps straight A's but yea. I went to go get my "momma bag" and my phone and my wallet and headed out the house. My "momma bag" is a bag of clothes that I have juss in case she comes home while I'm at school. I have a tight fitter read shirt with some light ripped jeans in there with a few accessories juss in case I need to change my clothes if she comes home while I'm at school.

It was like 7:35 when I pulled up to Britannys house to pick her up for school. She walked outside with a stank attitude already. Here we go with this shit. I was tryna be mad an shit but I couldn't because she was looking toooo damn fly, even on her off days. She had her hair all sloppy and cute. Can't emm lie for a black girl she had some good ass silky hair like that shit was like a Brazilian bitches head 😂 but anyways. She had on my my varsity warmup hoodie (caption of girls varsity basketball team) and some leggings and some uggs. She got in the car and didn't say nun she juss got on her phone. She knows that shit urks my LAST nerve.

"Well Goodmorning to you too", I said

"Why don't you tell Christina Goodmorning huh?"

Her smart ass mouth man! I can't even get mad because mouth is smart too.

"I already did"

She juss looked at me and rolled her eyes. Bad - Wale ft Tiara Thomas came on and that's my shit so I turned it all the way up filling the car with bass from the trunk. We rode in complete silence till we got to the school. Soon as I parked I got out the car not saying nun to her. Her ass and her attitudes is not boutta ruin my day.

|| Brittany's POV ||

I can't believe she said that to me like bish weet? You told her Goodmorning and ain't tell me?! Cause bitch OH! After she said that I ain't have two words for her ass. When we got to the school she got out the car so fast thought her ass seen the Feds. I walked in the school and seen her talking to that hoe Christina and they was laughing an shit. I waked past them and seen Christina smurk at me and I said

"Bitch? Problem? Why ya ass looking at me like I'm a piece of steak and yo ass been in the hot ass desert an been staving for 3 months?!"

"Oh mybad. I was juss tryna see why Bre so in love with yo ass" she said

"Cause she know Ian like all these hoes like yaself" I said

"Shiidd she ate my pussy good last night so imma be that hoe" she said

I can't believe what I juss heard man. 3 fuckin years juss went down the drain over some hot a ready pussy!

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