Chapter Three - The Mafia Boss

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Alessandro's POV:

"What did you do now?!" I asked my men who were standing opposite me in my office with scared faces.

I swear if they fucked up this mission I will torture them till they can't walk anymore.

"B-Boss... we killed Luciano.... but there might be a small problem." One of the men struggled to say.

"What problem?!" I growled frustrated.

"The problem is in the basement, boss. Come see yourself! The blond one spoke.

Without hesitation I got up from my black leather chair and made my way to the basement.

What could it be?

The man who is securing the basement nodded at me before he opened the door.

As I went in the darkened room my eyes made a stop at a beautiful girl who was lying in the corner of the room sleeping tightly.

She had straight long dark brown hair an innocent looking face and a petite body. She was wearing grey joggers and a baby blue tank top.

After staring at her for a few minutes I questioned myself what she was doing here.

"Boss?" One of the man spoke.

"What is she doing here, Dante?" I asked him with anger rising in my body.

"She witnessed the murder, boss!" He said in a scared tone without looking at me.

"And then she just fainted and we brought her here." Another man said.

"You can't do anything right!!!" I was slowly loosing my temper. Stupid Clowns can't do anything right.

"Where am I?" A soft angelic voice echoed in the room. I turned around and found the girl curled up in the corner looking scared.

Shit. What am I supposed to do now?

"Please don't kill me!" She was now crying and trembling in fear.

"Relax I won't kill you!" I said softly.

She looked up at me with those beautiful big blue eyes. She looked so beautiful and innocent. I just wanted to hold her to my chest and tell her to not be scared. But of course I wouldn't do that in front of my men. They will think that I'm a softy.

"Who are you? What do you want from me?" She questioned.

What do I tell her.

"We will talk tomorrow. Now let's get you to bed you look tired." I told her.

"I'm not going anywhere with you! I want to go home!" She yelled at me. So Ms. Angel is a feisty little thing too.

"Don't disrespect me and do what I tell you if you don't want to get killed!" I said in a harsh tone.

She cried again.


"Dante get her to my room and bring her some clothes." I told him and he immediately got her with him.

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