Chapter 12 - Overwatch love

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IDK, OK?? This used to be part of chapter 11...


Two month timeskip because nothing important happened,  just bonding :)

You woke up to a beautiful sound coming from the bathroom, it was Jungkook singing. You got dressed into (outfit) and shouted "NICE SINGING KOOKIE!" Before running to Tae's room.

"Yo, Tae! Can I borrow your bathroom, Jungkook is taking ages!" You shouted, whilst bursting the door open. You see a topless Jimin rummaging through Tae's school bag, he turned around with a sh00k face and motioned for you to 'sshh' you snickered, but agreed and walked into their bathroom.

Tae was mumbling a Justin Bieber song whilst washing his face, topless. You smacked his head and complained about his song choice while he rubbed his head and whined. You did your morning routine and went downstairs for breakfast.  Everyone but Tae was there, ready for school. Jimin was laughing his head off as he heard Tae screaming "WHERE'S MR SNUFFLEUPAGUS!!!!"

Everyone burst into a fit of laughter.


Mr snuffleupagus was in Tae's school bag... Oh.

You were playing Overwatch with Jungkook, Tae, Jimin, Yoongi, and Hoesock. (intended)

You stole Mccree and Jungkook was forced to use his second best, Hanzo. Jimin was Mei, Tae was Mercy, Yoongi was Zenyatta and Hoesock was Widowmaker.. What a hoe...

Anyway, you had learnt how to hack into games quite well and you decided to try this creative idea.

You made Mccree go up to Hanzo and make a love heart with his hands. ((MCHANZO))

You got your account terminated but you didn't care, it was Namjoon's anyway. Your game shut off and you walked up to Jungkook, who was really confused.  You sat on his laps facing him and said

"Jeon Jungkook, these past months I've grown to love you because you've done nothing but love me and protect me, you've made me feel happy and safe and for that I love you so, so much. Kookie, will you be my boyfriend?"

He smiled from ear to ear and said yes, you two shared a small,sweet kiss while everyone else was cheering.

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