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in which we learn a little about alpha blaze's past


"Fuck!" Aurora bit out, her face scrunching in pain as the alcohol stung her open wounds. They would easily heal, but until that happened, she was making sure no diseases found their way into the cuts.

Taking a dry tissues, she wiped off the excess alcohol, until her skin was patted dry.

Holding the bottle of alcohol, she used her other hand to grab a cap to screw onto the bottle.

"That was quite a show out there."

Aurora screamed, and dropped the bottle, it's contents leaking all over the hard wood floor. Aurora spun around to see Alpha Blaze standing there, his eyebrows raised.

"You didn't have to sneak up on me, asshole." Aurora glared, dropping onto her knees, trying to salvage some of the liquid.

Looking back up at the Alpha who seemed to be the least bit concerned about the rubbing alcohol,  Aurora straightened back up.

"Sixteenth Moon Goddess Descent and the future Luna?" He prodded.

Aurora upturned her nose, "Well am I not? I mean after all you are the one who went behind my back and named me your Luna."

"Just because there isn't a mark on your pretty little neck, Rora, does not mean that you are not my mate." Alpha Blaze supplied.

"They all think I'm some fake bitch that slept with you for the sole purpose of becoming your Luna!" Aurora stressed.

"Well, we both know I can't fuck you."

Aurora's jaw tightened.

"Is that all you think about! Who cares about sleeping with me? Why don't you want me for who I am?" Aurora rambled.

Blaze took a deep breath. "I do Aurora, I do. But I need you to fall in love with me and that's a hard thing to accomplish when the only person that loved you, died."

"You parents?" Aurora quietly asked.

"My mother." Blaze immediately corrected her.

Moving to sit on Aurora's bed, he placed his elbows on his knees and began talking.

"Her name was Ellie," Blaze began.

"The E on the gravestone was for her?" Aurora connected.

Once Blaze nodded in affirmation, he continued on.

"She was the most strong willed, beautiful, and charismatic mother you could have. She led the pack as luna in ways no one in history had."

"What do you mean?" Aurora tentatively asked.

"Well she was known for her rogue program and her same sex program." Blaze replied.

Aurora slid her hand along his thigh, until it slipped into his hand. Squeezing it, Aurora softly said, "Tell me about them."

Blaze took a deep breath, and Aurora could see the toll talking about his mother was taking on Blaze.

 "The former was a program she was able to convince my father with some what ease, it recruited born rogues, those who were born rogue, under the age of eighteen into our pack. They would be inserted into our pack as if they were a member, as a trail sort of way, and if no problems occurred after the thirty days, they were given the option to be made a member of the pack. It's one of the reason our pack is so big, but so strong, because the rogues not only knew how to live on their own and defend themselves, but they also trusted my mother, their Luna, for giving them a second chance. She was their saving angel." Blaze trailed off.

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