Chapter 11 :''') (hi)

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... Hi...
(it's gonna be a very fast storyline now haha)

!! I want to quickly give a shootout to _BTS_17Kisses for giving me some amazing advice. Thank you!
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Later that night, after Jin cooked a delightful supper you took a hot shower in you and Jungkook's shared bathroom, you used your lemon scented shower set.( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) It was very strong.

You dried off, got changed and brushed your teeth, telling Jungkook you were done. He nodded and walked in as you were leaving.



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He grabbed your wrist and pushed you against the wall, your wet hair sticking to the black tiles. He looked you in your eyes hungrily and said "That scent is driving me insane."

You were a bit shocked but decided to tease him by inching closer to his lips, he cursed and smashed his lips against yours roughly, making your head hit the wall but you didn't care.

He snaked his arms around your waist and you put your hands in his hair, tugging at it lightly. You tilted your head and opened your mouth slightly, letting his tongue caress yours gently.

He's a good kisser.

You lightly bit his lip and he growled, kissing you harder as payback. Your knees were starting to give in as he picked you up and threw you on the bed. "Nice toothpaste!" he laughed with his signature bunny toothed smile. You laughed too and threw a pillow at him, which he caught.

He climbed into bed and wrapped his arms around your waist, he kissed your cheek and closed his eyes, drifting off to sleep. You soon did the same. (UNLESS YOU'RE AN INSOMNIAC LIKE ME!! POP THEM PILLS*)

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