[2] My story. My life. My rape.

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Put your story text here...Chapter Two.

So let's go back even further. Before I was born, my mom was. I don't know too much about her childhood... I guess I just never asked her. But what I do know is that my Nana had my mother at 14. My grandfather stayed with her for a little bit, a year or so. I'm not even sure. But I DO know, that he ditched. He left them. My nana, barely a teenager with a young child. So naturally my mom hates him and I have never met him.

The other thing I know is that she lived with my nana, my great grandma, and her sister. It seems like it runs in the family. Have a kid young, have the guy leave you, and live in a tiny run down house with your grandma, sister, and kid. Great life 'eh?

Okay so here is where it gets complicated. Try to stay with me! My mom lived in the small house with the people I said above, my nana, my nanas mom, and my nanas sister. She lived there for most of her child hood. Then my nana meets my 'grandfather.' He's not my real grandpa, but I grew up thinking it. So she marries him, David. They move out to a house in Chicago, and my mom moves with them. Nana K gets Prego, and then has the baby (now my aunt.).

About the time she has the baby my mom is 16. Momma is in High School annddd.. Let's just say she's not the popular one. She meets my dad, and they are both each other's first 'boyfriend, Girlfriend.' They end up getting pushed into sex like I said in chapter one, and my mom is Prego. She doesn't tell my dad, and he didn't even know about me until like the 8th month of the pregnancy. By this time they are broken up and it's just her living with her mom, her step father, and her new baby sister. When I was born my aunt, Destiny, was one year four months and 9 days older.

So do you get all that for now? That's the basics of everything until I was born. Then there's a whole other big drama thing. But for now, I will let that soak in. Hope you enjoy my juicy drama of a life. This is just the beginning. There's my dad's whole side with my grandfather who is the one that abused me. Just you wait for that side of the story.

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