Chapter eight: Wake me up

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Dylan's pov


I sigh and lean back in the chair next to Jessie's hospital bed. So far, there has been no sign of rogues. And It's been four weeks so far and no sign of Jessie awakening from her coma.

Doctors said that she was stabbed with some type of knife with wolfsbane on it. She also inhaled the gas version of wolfsbane. They got most of the poison out of her system. We are just waiting for her to wake up.

Jordan and his wolf are on edge. Shaunty and Shauday asleep on the couch in the corner of the room. Tobias and Em are sitting in the other chairs near Jordan. All of us are worried. My wolf hasn't said a think since the nurse said we could enter the room.

I looked at my mate. She's as pale as a ghost. Her hair spiralled all over her pillow. The steady rhythm of her breathing is the only thing keeping my wolf and I at bay. I held her hand in mine. The sparks are still there which made me sigh in relief. Her hand was so cold.


I nearly fell out of the seat I am sitting in. I looked across the room to see what was going on. Jordan shot up from his chair growling at nothing. I looked closer, and chuckled when I saw a goaning Shauday on the floor. "That hurt." She grumbled while geting up from the floor. She must have rolled off the couch.
"Fudge cake wit whip cream.." I looked at Shaunty weirdly as she mummbled some more stuff incoherently in her sleep. I shook my head before sitting back in my seat.

I grabbed Jessie's hand again, laying my head on the bed next to her arm. I felt her hand twitch. It twitched again. My head shot up looking right at her hand. Jordan got up and walked over. "Hay, are you okay?" He asked. I looked up at him before looking at Jessie's hand. "Her hand was twitching.." Jordan look at Jess. He gasped, causing Shaunt and Shauday to over at us.

"What's up...what's wrong?" Shauday said as she and Shaunty walzed over to us. "Jessie's hands are twitching." Was all Jordan could voice out as his eyes stayed glued to Jess. Her hands twitched until her whole arm jolted. Tobias and Emilia by our sides instantly.

Then her eyes shot open.

Only her eyes aren't the brown with little flakes of silver any more.

Her eyes are silver.

A glowing silver that looked like liquid metal.

She was still. Unmoving. She didn't blink. Her eyes showed no emotions.

They looked empty. She was looking straight at the sealing.

"Jess? Are you okay??" Shauday asked worriedly still looking at Jessie. Not a word. She didn't say anything. She layed motionless.

Blaze whimpered inside my head while looking at our mate.
'Touch mate. Please. Touch mate.' Blaze continued to whimper. I slowly brought my hand to caress her face. Sparks erupted. I sighed. Suddenly, her pupils dilated to small black dots in the middle of her irises. Her hand flung up as she placed it softly on top of mine. A single tear slipped from her eyes. Then multiple.

I wiped the tears away. Only for more to replace them. Her eyes snapped to mine. So many emotions went across her eyes but only one caught my attention.


Pure pain.


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