Chapter 1

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I don't know how long we've been in this chaotic place we once know. All I know is how we have to survive.

It's been... A year? I don't know.... Since Alex dead. I'm still mourning over his death. In this chaotic world, Alex is the only one who showed me love. He really cares for me and never easily believe what people do about me. Why did he have to leave me like this?

I'm back with my old group. Rick, Carl and the others, speaking of Carl... He has been trying to get me to forgive him. But I'm still upset that he chooses to believe Kelly more than me and he just decided to break it off with me. I know it's been a long time, but trust me... When someone betray you... It's really painful and no matter how long it's been, the pain will remain in your heart.

We are still walking on the street trying to find a place to stay. I have my archery on ready to shoot in case any walkers came and attack us. I heard footstep behind me trying to catch up, I turn around alert with my arrow raised ready to shoot whoever it is only to bring it back down. I sigh "don't sneak up on me, stupid! I could've shoot you" I snap at him. By him.... I mean Carl. "S-sorry, Y/N..." He said looking down. "Whatever..." I say looking away from him. "Y/N..." I heard he said my name really softly. I turn to him "what?" I say with no emotion. "I'm really sorry... I'm sorry for betraying you. Please.... Pleasee.... Forgive me..." He plead. I sigh "Carl... As much as I wanna forgive you. I just can't... I'm still hurt over the fact that you chose to believe her more than me!" He just look down.

"I won't give up..." He said really quietly that I don't really hear him. I turn to him confused "what?" "I won't give up until you forgive me, Y/N!" He said louder this time. I just look at him surprise. I look away "goodluck with that..." I say and speed walk until I was side by side with Daryl.

"How long are 'ya gonna give him a cold shoulder?" Daryl ask me. I look down "honestly... I don't know..." I say quietly. I heard him sigh. I feel a hand on my head. I turn to see its Glenn "you know... You should probably give him a chance, Y/N" "why should I?" "He really regrets not believing you... Almost every night I heard him crying while looking at your sleeping form. He kept mumbling 'I'm sorry' over and over again" "did he really?" I ask surprise to receive a nod in return from them. 'So that's not a dream at all' I thought since every night I heard someone sobbing next to me and mumbling I'm sorry. Turns out it wasn't a dream, it was real. It was Carl. I glance at Carl only to find him staring at me. In his eyes... I notice the sadness in them.

I sigh and look back forward "maybe I will..." I say softly only Glenn and Daryl could hear me. Daryl ruffled my hair "hey!! My hair is messy enough as it is! I don't need you to make it more messy!" I yell at him. Everyone just laugh at me. I glance at Carl and notice he only cracked up a smile. 'Should I really forgive him?' I thought. All the sudden I felt really dizzy and I stumbled. Glenn is quick to catch me before I fall off. "Woah... You okay?" He ask. "I don't know.... I feel dizzy" I say. Then it became intense, everything turn black.

Carl P.O.V

Y/N suddenly passed out. I ran to her and pull her in my arms "what happened to her?" I ask worriedly.

"I don't know Carl... She just passed out, saying she's dizzy..." Glenn explain to me. I nod and place my hand on her forehead, then flinch at the heat. "She's burning up!" I exclaim. "We have to find a shelter then" Dad told us. We all agreed. We have to find a place so Y/N could rest. Glenn help me get her on my back so I'm giving her a piggy back ride. I ignore her body heat and continue walking.


Still no luck... We can't find any shelter. I turn my head slightly to look at her. Her face is awfully pale and her body is really hot. I'm really worried for her.

As the time passes, my feelings for her never seem to fade. They just grow even stronger. I know she hasn't forgive me. I'm not giving up. I'll do whatever it takes to get Y/N to forgive me and accept me back. I love her so much. After a while I feel her start to stir, she's waking up.


I woke up and feel myself being carried. I turn my head slightly so I could see who's the person carrying me on their back. It's Carl.

"Why are you carrying me?" I ask him. "You passed out. So I carried you" "well... You could put me down now..." "No... You're burning up, Y/N. Please let me carry you" he plead again. I'm too weak to argue. I sigh and lean my head on his shoulder "fine...." I say. He smile. "don't get use to this! I still haven't forgive you!" I told him. He sigh and nod "I know..." He mumbled. We continue our way to find a shelter. I'm still on Carl's back along the way. He refused to let the others to carry me, even though he's already exhausted. "Why do you insist on carrying me? You're tired, aren't you?" I ask him. "I am... But I don't care... This is the only chance I have to be this close to you" he answer. "Carl...." I say his name softly. Slowly drifting back to sleep on his shoulder.

*to be continue*

A/N: finally a sequel. I'm not following the movie anymore. I'm simply making up my own story line. I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing them 😄. More chapter will be coming. Bye!!!

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