Chapter 10

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Mahiru wake up feeling a little bit Nausea, he doesn't know why. Luckily he doesn't have school. He manage to get up and went to the bathroom to fix himself, luckily the nausea went away.

After that he discover that Kuro was holding a pillow and buried his face their.

"Kuro? You ok? are you sick or something?" Mahiru said with concern. Kuro saw the worried face of Mahiru.

"Hmp, I'm fine" Kuro said as he sat up, I'm just hungry.

"Hungry? You didn't eat?" Mahiru ask.

"Nope! I waited for you to prepare breakfast, but it seems to me its already Lunch." Kuro said.

"Huh?" Mahiru look at the wall clock on the living room and he was surprise that it was 11:30 already.

"Its odd that you didn't wake up early you know, Are you ok Mahiru?" Kuro ask.

"Yeah, I'm fine" Mahiru said with a smile.

"So what do you want to eat?" Mahiru ask.

"Anything" Kuro reply.

Then Mahiru prepare the Lunch for him and kuro. After they eat lunch together,Mahiru clean his own house while kuro is just staring at his cute Eve. "What?" Mahiru ask Kuro he notice that kuro is looking at him.

Kuro look away and continue to play his game "nothing" he said. But deep on Kuro's through he was thinking that how his Eve is god damn it cute, and he has a lot of thoughts about him and his Eve. So many questions.

"Ah, that is it" he said in frustration. Mahiru was shock hearing that, he never saw kuro that frustrated before or even said in frustration.

"You ok Kuro?" Mahiru said. Kuro stand up and said, "Mahiru, lets go to the mansion of that rich kid. I need to talk to Lily." Kuro said.

"No, go alone their. I'll stay here. But I guest you only had 3 hours to spend there knowing the Limit distance...Sorry about that." Mahiru said.

Kuro saw Mahiru's eyes, it was a bit apology eyes. "Its ok, then I'll go. I promise to get back." Kuro said.

"Ok, take care." Mahiru said. As kuro was out. "He needs to be alone sometime, he needs privacy to his brothers and spend time together knowing that its been century seens they been together. I wonder how's the feeling to have a sibling like them?..." Mahiru thought.

He sighed and think again, "Beside kuro will someday leave me, just like my dream and I'm going to be alone again. Cause I'm so damn useless and weak eve. I don't deserve Kuro anyway." Mahiru think.

As he shadow his eyes with his hair.

Kuro on the other hand went to the Mansion as fast as he can't then found Misono who is sitting on the chair. "Hey, Misono. Where's Lily?" Kuro ask.

"Oh, your here sloth? Mahiru?" Misono ask.

"He stayed home, but ah.. where is Lily?" Kuro ask again.

"Hi, Nii-san" Lily said as he was going to Misono holding a cup of tea, he handed it to Misono.

" Can I talk to you, privately?" Kuro said, Lily nodded and they went to the dinning room and talk. Kuro start talking about how and what he feel when his Eve is around and what he thinks about it.

"I think Nii-san, you need to tell Mahiru what you felt. That's the only thing I could say to you Nii-san. Don't worry I think you will be relief if your going to confess." Lily said.

"I don't know how" Kuro said.

"I also don't know how, but thats the only advice I could give" Lily reply.

"Hmp, thank you brother. Now I need to go or Mahiru will be in pain." Kuro said.

As he was walking on his cat form as a Cat seens the sun was still up, but too bad a kid pick him up.

"Wah... What a cute little cat" The kid say in happy tone while he was patting kuro. Kuro on the other hand need to escape, but how?

Then suddently Litch came out of nowhere and approach the kid. "Hey kid, thanks for finding my cat" Litch said as he got Kuro.

"No problem, Angel-san. Your cat is cute.." The kid said as he walk away.

"Hmp, hmp, I am an angel." Litch said as he walk to the stadium. He got his back and reveal a hedgehog who suddently jump turn into a Human, a.k.a Lawless.

"Hey Nii-san? Why are you wondering im the street alone?" Lawless said.

Kuro suddently transform. "Can I talk to you Lawless? About something without your Eve around?" Kuro ask said.

"Tsk, even Demons needs privacy..." Litch said as he walk away from the two.

Then when the two alone Kuro was telling his story about how, what he feels about his Eve. When he was done Lawless just Laugh and laugh until his done.

"Your such a happy, and annoying Kid." Kuro said.

"Wow, looks who's talking. An annoying and Lazy cat!, any who Nii-san, your in love with your Eve. In live as in Inlove..." Lawless said.

"Just like you and Your Eve?" Kuro ask.

"Yes!" Lawless said. "And I hope you would tell him how you feel because that what makes you happy." he continue.

"You think?" Kuro ask.

"Yes Nii-san" Lawless said with a smile.

"That will be such a pain, but ah.. Thank you for everything Lawless" Kuro said.

"Anytime Nii-san" Lawless said happily.

As kuro got home he notice that the house was quiet.When he enter the room, he was looking around and found his Eve was sleeping in the couch peacefully.

"He must be really tired. This is such a pain." Kuro said, as he reach Mahiru, he carry him bridal style to his room and let Mahiru be in peace. But kuro was amused by how his Eve is god damn it cute and beautiful then he kiss his forehead.

"Good night Mahiru, tomorrow I'll make sure that I'll tell everything to you" Kuro said as he walk towards the living room thinking on how he will tell Mahiru on his feeling.


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