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Pen Your Pride

Authors Note- Sooo dedication is to Ari3ll3Erica. Your comments make my day and thanks for finding time to read my story!

On another note, Hooooly crap guys. It's like 2 am and I'm still up trying to uplaod this damn thing. Not my best writing. Just a bunch of rambling and putting in some fillers. But I had to include this because its Kate's brothers birthday and well hes an important part in this story :p

Sorry I haven't uploaded in FOREVER. Schools taken over my life and finals are coming up! (Plays dramatic music) FML.

Next chapter will hopefully get things back up to speed. I think I need to add a little DRAMAZ in this story. Just wait and see!

ANYWAYS enough of my rant, I hope you guys like this chapter!



Make me the happiest girl in the world? :D


“Tita! Get up!”

I groaned, who was trying to wake me up at this un-godly hour? I put my head under my pillow and felt content under the soft feathers, cool sheets and darkness.

My bed started to shake up and down and I silently cursed. I knew I wasn’t going back to sleep anytime soon.  

I lifted up my head and looked to see that Isaac was jumping on my bed with a huge smile on his face. I smiled and pulled him into a bear hug.

“Happy Birthday kiddo!”

“Hey I’m not a kid anymore I’m ten. That’s a double digit number so don’t call me kiddo.”

I smirked; no matter how old Isaac was he was still going to be my baby brother. My eyes started to water as I realized that another year has passed and Isaac is growing up so fast. I quickly swiped them away feeling way more motherly than a sister should feel. I looked at my clock, 6:30. Geez, I had barely gotten any sleep!

“Why are you up so early Isaac?”

He shrugged but still held his smile, “I couldn’t go to sleep. I’m excited!”

I suppressed the urge to groan again. Any other time my brother would have been dead asleep at this hour but the day when I need my sleep is the day my brother decides to get up bright and early. Go figure.

“Excited? Why are you so excited? I didn’t get you anything for your birthday.” I frowned, mocking innocence.

For a second my brother almost fell for it but realization finally hit him. “Liar! You always get me something.”

“Wow, well aren’t you the spoiled one.” I teased. He really was getting older. He was catching on to my sarcasm.

“Okay, close your eyes. No peaking! I’m going to bring your presents out.”

Isaac did as he was told and closed his eyes. I waved my hand in front of his face to make sure he wasn’t peaking and opened my closet door. I had planned this for weeks. I pulled out his presents one by one in a certain order. Of course they were wrapped in SpongeBob wrapping paper. I grinned. I don’t think Isaac is going to want to throw away the wrapping after. I looked up at him to see if he was peaking, he still had his eyes shut tightly.

“Okay Isaac you can open your eyes.”

He opened them immediately and he hopped off my bed and ran over to the presents preparing to open them. I held him back.

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