When they're cold and wanna cuddle to get warm

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Since out of nowhere so many people are reading this old book again, I thought I should rewrite it. Don't worry, I'm not changing the old scenarios, I'm just writing them again in a better way with less writing mistakes.

Reader is whatever gender, height, age, species (demon, angel, vampire, werewolf, human, etc...) you want them to be.


He will be unable to sleep due the cold so he will walk around the manor, searching for you. When he finds you, he will pick you up, sit down before putting you on his lap and cuddling you from behind. His grip will be too tight to leave so you have no choice but to cuddle him and let him enjoy your warmth.


He will act as if he isn't cold but his shivering hands give it away. When you hug him, saying you will warm him up, he will just chuckle, thinking you're adorable. He will put you on his lap before taking his book and continuing to read while one arm is tightly holding you close, enjoying the warmth you're giving off.


He would just storm into your room, take your wrist before hugging you. He will just go to sleep while holding you tightly. Due his tight grip, can't move much so couldn't finish the lemon one-shot you were reading.


He will enter your room, claiming Teddy is cold but you knew he meant he was cold but just too shy to admit it. So will both have a tea party with cake while he cuddles to you for your warmth.


He's a pervert so he's always in your room trying to rape you. So it was no different when the air heater broke and he was cold. So when he entered your room, just lay your laptop away, opening arms so he gladly jumped on you. While you hugged him, his hands went to your ass and gave it a squeeze, laughing when you yelped in surprise.


This idiot will be in the garden while it's snowing so of course he will be cold. So you will put a blanket over him before cuddling him. He will just be shouting words for a few minutes, face redder than Yuusuke Asahin's hair before he finally calms down and just sits there, unsure what to do.

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