35- Risen

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Percy's PoV:

"Artemis, where are we right now?" I did my best to remain calm. I could see panic in Artemis' eyes too.

"We started in Arizona so by now we must be in Kansas."

"What?!" I couldn't believe it. "If he is that fast, then he can get to Manhattan in a day or two. We must stop him. I have an idea." Artemis narrowed her eyes at me. It was as if she knew that my idea was not good.

"What is your idea?" She asked with a suspicious tone. I gathered all the courage I had to say it and prepared myself to be pushed out of the chariot.

"You go back to Camp to warn and prepare them. I'll fight Typhon and I might need to borrow your chariot." I said it fast.

"What?!" I saw the fire in her eyes and backed away. "Like I would let you do that?! That monster is unstoppable! Even the other gods have a hard time fighting him!"

"It's the only way, Artemis. Or else we would not be able to stop him by the time he gets to Manhattan." I tried to reason with her but she did not listen.

"No! I'm not letting you go anywhere and you're not taking my chariot!" She pushed me away and took the reins. Luckily I didn't fall off. The reindeers increased their speed and we zoomed over the cities faster than a rocket. I wondered how the mortals took in that the moon was moving across the sky at more than 300 kilometers per hour.

Suddenly I heard a loud boom and clanking sounds. I looked at my back and my eyes widened. A spinning chariot was coming at us at the speed of a rocket. At just the last second, I pulled Artemis and the chariot down with the reins. The chariot zoomed over our heads and hit a mountain not so far away, causing an explosion. I looked at Artemis, who was in my arms, to see if she was okay.

"Are you okay?" Her cheeks were red so I checked if she was bleeding and she gave me a glare.

"Let me go, you pig." I immediately let go of her and stood up, still holding to the reins. After a long time, she was back to calling me a pig... "We have to check that chariot." She said quietly. Her cheeks still were a shade of pink.

"Uh okay." I guided the reindeer to the mountain and we landed slowly. The trees were on fire because of the crash landing of the other chariot and the whole mountain was burning hot. Luckily there was a lake next to it, so I used my powers and extinguished the fire using the water from the lake.

"It's there." Artemis pointed to a large crater on the side of the mountain. In it was broken pieces of the chariot and a man sprawled on the ground. We ran to him to check if he was okay. Artemis' eyes widened. "It's Dionysus!" The man groaned.

"Lord Dionysus, are you okay?" I gently shook him. He swatted my hand away and sat up slowly, groaning. "Don't touch me, boy. Ugh! Why am I drenched in water?" He glared at me. I looked at him with a poker face. He should be thanking me instead of complaining. Then he looked at Artemis. "When are you going to help, huh? That Storm Giant isn't really easy to fight. Look at what happened to me." That made me angry. Before Artemis could reply, I intervened.

"She's not exactly in the state to fight. So stop ordering her around." I said with a frown. He turned his cold eyes on me.

"Are you going to help me out of this, boy, or are you going to teach me?" I was going to reply back but Artemis stopped me.

"What happened?" Artemis asked Dionysus.

"Apparently, Typhon slapped me and my chariot away when I was going to give him a nice blow with my Thyrsus." He replied in a matter-of-fact way. "And... Oh! I forgot! He utterly embarassed Zeus a while ago."

"What did Typhon do?" Artemis furrowed her eyebrows.

"He spat Zeus right in the face that he doesn't want anything to do with an old god and his hags and that he was only looking for Perseus." Dionysus narrowed his eyes at me. "You're Perseus, am I right?" Artemis and I exchanged looks. Then, I stood up.

"Artemis, I have to fight him. He's looking for me so if I fight him, I can end this." She also stood up angrily.

"Do I still need to drill into that rock head of yours the word no?!" I got offended because of the term 'rock head'.

"First of all, my head is not made out of rock. Second, if this doesn't stop, many more people will get hurt!"

"Would you stop your petty childish quarrel?" Dionysus said. We both ignored him.

"The thing is, you still have to prepare! If you will make Typhon your priority, Kronos will take the chance!" That made me stop. I did not think of Kronos, I admit.

"So what do you want me to do?" I asked her.

"Let's go back to Camp, make a plan, prepare and then face them." Without another word, she looked at where Dionysus was. But he was gone.

"Where did he go?" I asked Artemis. She shrugged.

"Maybe to another bar. I don't think he is going to go back and fight." Then, she walked a few steps to her chariot and looked back at me. "Are you coming or not?" I sighed defeatedly.

"I'm coming." I walked to her and we both got on her chariot.

Before I knew it, we already arrived at Camp just outside the entrance. After we got off, the reindeers flew away into the night sky. Together, we made our way inside the camp in silence. The Camp was also silent and no one was roaming around outside, maybe since it was past curfew.

Suddenly I felt a hand land on my shoulder. I swear that it almost made me scream like a little girl. I turned around so fast that the hand was thrown away. Artemis also turned. She was luckier than me because no creepy hand touched her shoulder. In front of us was a pale slim boy who looked about sixteen and had glossy black hair. He had an eye patch over his left eye and was covering a bloody cut on his stomach with his right hand.

"Kr-kronos..." He stuttered. "He.. has... ri-risen." Then, he collapsed, unconscious.

Word Count: 1118 (excluding A/N)
Date Published: August 3, 2017
A/N: Hey guys, I absolutely did not expect that I would update today lol. I was bored since I just finished my exams today. I screwed up a lot. I think 5 more chapters would end this book but I'm not sure. Until then, please vote and comment! Thank you!

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