Craig and the Cuddle Bro

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**Hi! This was supposed to be a quick little co-written one-shot between myself and Vicky. Yet...well, it turned into this monster of almost 7,000 words. I hope you enjoy it anyways! :D**


(Person A and B are roommates for this one.)

Sometimes Person A has trouble sleeping by their self. They toss and turn and sometimes even cuddle a pillow, but nothing works.

When this happens, A gets out of bed and walks into person B's room. They quietly get under the covers and lay next to B.

The first few times this happened, they laid next to each other and fell asleep. As this progressed, B started to pull A close to them and hold them. It helps A fall asleep faster.

On nights when it's really hard for A to fall asleep, B will stay up and rub A's back comfortably. Sometimes B will even hum softly until A falls asleep.

It's become a routine for the two, every couple of nights A will come and lay with B to fall asleep. And B loves every second of it.

Person A - Dadsona, whose name is Ethan (Maddi)

Person B - Craig (Vicky)



It had been four weeks since college had started, Ethan and Craig had gotten to know each other quite well over the short period of time. They knew each other's likes and dislikes. They knew how to cheer each other up. They knew when the other needed to be left alone. All in the span of four weeks.

Over the four weeks though, Ethan had been having the hardest time falling asleep. He wasn't sure if it was because he was still settling into the new environment, or if it was due to all of the stress that was now beginning to pile up, or maybe he just missed his family. Maybe it was everything all weighing down on him.

Tonight was no different. Ethan couldn't seem to be able to fall asleep, and he was starting to get sick and tired of being unable to sleep properly. "This is complete bullshit." He grumbled under his breath, staring up at his ceiling as he thought about what to do. He glanced at the doorway that lead to Craig's room, only hesitating in the slightest before he was out of his bed.

His face scrunched up a bit as his bare feet touched the cold floors of their dorm, as he quietly made his way into Craig's room. It seemed to dawn on him, as he stood in the doorway, what he was doing. Before he could stop himself though, he was carefully making his way over towards the other's bed, lifting up the covers enough to slip in next to him.

His breathing caught in his throat when he realized how close he was to his muscular roommate, and he could feel his nerves get worse. When there was no sign of Craig waking up though, he got a little bit closer, his back still facing Craig. He could feel the other's warmth, but was too afraid to touch him, knowing it'd probably wake him up. Instead, he focused on their close proximity, as he closed his eyes again and started to drift off.

Craig woke up the next morning and let out a big yawn with an added stretch, when he smacked his arm into something warm. Freezing, he slowly looked over and saw his roommate Ethan in his bed. His brows furrowed together in confusion as to why he was here as he had clearly remembered going to bed in separate rooms. Craig hesitantly moved his hand down to Ethan's shoulder and shook him a little to wake him up. "Uh. Bro. Why are you in my bed?"

Ethan had actually managed to get a decent amount of sleep. Up until the point where he was smacked almost in the back of the head. His eyes fluttered open, though he didn't make it known to the other that he was awake. He held his breath, almost in a nervous way, until his shoulders were being shook. He let out a small grunt of disapproval, carefully rolling onto his back. "I, uh..." He wasn't sure exactly what to say. Should he just be honest? Or would Craig think he was weird? "I had trouble... sleeping last night." He admitted finally. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have just gotten into bed without asking you first, dude."

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