Author's Notes

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\I'm beginning to think that I prefer writing short stories/one-shots instead of novels. I guess I'm not a big fan of delayed gratification. This is the first of four, maybe five one-shot stories based around these two characters – maybe. I'm not a big fan of holding stories for review ransoms, but if I get enough reviews, I will post the next story in this series, which may or may not be so explicit.

I should also state that this series is named after the song "Taken By A Stranger" by Lena, and was Germany's entry for the Eurovision Song Contest in 2011 – it belongs to her and whoever wrote it. It's where the line "Danger is a risky business" comes from. All the other one-shots will be named after a song or a musical piece, as it is music that helps to inspire me when I write stories (and so does a certain person for this series, who shall remain nameless). I hope you like it.

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