Chapter 7

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Scott POV
"Theo Walcott"
"Well Theo, what do you have first?" asked Lydia.
He told her his information and looked at me.
"You still don't remember me Scott?"
I looked at him longer.
"Theo Reaken! What you doing here?" I said.
"Just staying with my aunt for the year." he said.
" Wait, why is your last name Walcott when it's really Reaken?" Lydia ask.
"My parents got divorced and I had to change my last name to my mom's."
"Sorry to here that."
We said our goodbyes and headed to class.
  Where the heck is Stiles?
             30 minutes ago
Thomas POV
   Minho and Newt was fighting over something stupid and I was getting a headache.
"Can both of you shuck faces shut the hell up!" I yelled.
They were quiet enough knowing that they were talking in their heads.
I stopped at the red light and looked at the woods next to us. How on earth did we get here?
"Where are we?" Newt asks.
" I don't know , but we need to go to school. Not that I wanna go." Minho  replied.
They both started to stare at me confused. I shrugged and start the jeep off. Yet again, I still have that bad feeling not going away. I don't know, maybe it's just a nerve hitting me.

I'm really sorry that I haven't been updating. This is a short chapter and I hope you liked it. I won't be able to update in a few weeks because of school and sports. I will be updating if I have time to do so. Wow.... I'm using update a lot, aren't I?

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