Little Baby Bear

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It was not ideal for Phil to be driving home with a sleepy little at 10PM but there was nothing else for him to do.

Mid way through watching Winnie the Pooh,Dan had made his way on to Phil's lap. The little was learning back in to Phil's chest as he clutched his stuffed penguin.

And a bit after that Dan began to fall asleep,the day had been short but rather overwhelming for the small boy. Bringing his thumb up to his mouth Dan began sucking on it,but it's was pulled out making him whine. Phil knew he needed to get the boys to sleep so he carefully picked him and almost automatically Dan wrapped his arms around Phil neck as he was carried to his bed.

And when they got to Dan's bed he refused to let. Then tears came,Dan didn't want Phil to leave him. He knew he was being annoying but the little wanted to stay with his partner." I'll come back in the morning Danny I promise." Phil tried to coax the little but there was no give.

"Don't go please." Dan whined out holding Phil tighter.  The caregiver could feel his heart breaking,he didn't want his little to be lonely but the boy needed sleep.

And the next hour continued like that,until Phil was able to come up with some the little liked.
"Baby boy do you want to have a sleep over at my house?" The question seemed to calm the little down. He nodded his head and Phil explained that he would pack the little a bag.

Once Phil was able to set the little down he moved around his room putting some clothes in a paw patrol back pack before putting it on the little. Dan was then picked back up and carried out to Phil's car.

The drive was quickly over as they pulled up to Phil's apartment. Phil got out of the car and ran around to the other side picking the little out and out of the car. Dan complained slightly but was happy to be near his daddy.

Though there was a slight struggle the two boys made it inside Phil's apartment safely. Phil went straight to his bed room where he would put the little to sleep,and he would most likely sleep on the couch."Danny you  need to get ready for bed."Phil said sternly as he went through the bag he had packed. A shirt and fuzzy pants were handed to the little.

Dan was about to ask for Phil to change him,but he didn't want to annoy the boy any longer so he silently took the clothes and Phil left the room reluctantly hoping the boy would do as told.

Once out of the room Phil sighed heavily going sit on the couch for a minute to relax. The care giver put on cartoons knowing Dan would be out to find him any minute.

And he did,the little cam running down the stairs with Goose in his arms." Careful baby." Phil warned just as Dan got to end of the stairs. Nodding ok Dan made his way to the couch sitting next to Phil." Come here baby bear." Phil said he patted his lap for Phil to sit on.

Giggling the little crawled over to  his daddy laying against his chest.
Dan was soon giving all of his attention to the bright colored figure on the TV and his caregiver raked his fingers through Dan light brown hair."Daddy?" The little asked cuddling in to Phil who hummed softly in reply.
"I'm sorry for being annoying today." Dan said softly hiding his in Phil's neck.

Phil wrapped his arms around Dan pulling him in to his chest "Baby you're not annoying at all." Phil assured kissing the boys cheek. "You're my baby boy." He said giving the boy one more tight hug before he bought his hands down to the boys stomach. Phil's tickle his little,who reassessed high pitched giggles as he squirmed.

"Daddy no-" Danny giggled out and soon Phil's fingers left his side. "You're the best,daddy!" The little exclaimed giving Phil's a big hug.

The caregiver blushed slightly at compliment but gave Dan a kiss on the cheek" Thank you sweetie,and you're the best little." He said softly before picking dan up making him squeal.

"You need to get to sleep baby,I'm sure you're tired." Phil said making his way up the stairs,Goose following behind them up to Phil's bed room.

Phil set the boys on the bed and pulled the covers back." Get in bed little bear." Phil said softly, as the little climbed under the covers getting comfortable. Pulling the covers to cover the little Phil tucked him in giving Dan a kiss on the cheek before saying"Goodnight."

Before Phil could make his way to the door Dan had grabbed his wrist."Stay with me?" He asked using his puppy dog eyes that Phil couldn't say 'no' to. He simply nodded with a smile. The older boy changed in to his pajamas,giggling at the little who was dramatically covering his face.

" You can uncover now bear." Phil let him know as he climbed in to bed. Dan was in his arms almost immediately cuddling in to his partners chest mumbling something about how cuddles with daddy were the best."Good night baby bear." Phil said getting a quite "Nini." From Dan before he fell asleep.

Phil kissed the boys fore head one more time before making sure he was fully covered. The caregiver then went to sleep him self.

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