[18: Makeup]

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I lived alone and wanted to hold a party for my friends.

I played with them and they were all girls. I played makeup with them. I ended up having black eyeshadow on and black lipstick!

My friend, Sana, was busy applying makeup on herself.

I asked her to leave and when she got in her car, I received a message from her.

Sana: Yo girl.

Me: Yessss?

Sana: Be careful. There are people who change other people's makeup and then they go away.

They know if you are one of their soon-to-be victim if you have the same makeup on when they put it on you.

Me: Whoa. Chill girl. Ok. I will be careful. But how will it stay on. We can remove it.

Sana: That's it. He or she puts PERMANENT makeup.

Me: Oh dear. Okay. Bye.

Sana: Bye.

That night, I was too tired and slept immediately after I talked with Sana.

The next morning, I spent hours trying to remove the white eyeshadow thatI think my friend had in a makeup palatte of hers.

I gave up and looked out the window. I realised a man putting makeup on a sleeping girl. I think he is her boyfriend or father.

Then, I heard a knock on my door.

"Come in!" I immediately said because I knew it was Sana.

I heard no sound and sighed. Then, I thought about Sana's conversation with me.

I quickly locked my room door and packed my things. I jumped out of my window and called the police.

That saved my life


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