Chapter 2: |Percy🔱|

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The carriage stopped. What? I was sitting closest to the driver.

"What aren't we moving?" I asked.
"There's someone on the road."
"Some blond person."

I groaned. Annabeth put a hand on my arm and smiled. That immediately calmed me down. I got out of the carriage. The driver was telling me it wasn't safe, but I didn't listen. The person standing in the road was the one person I didn't want to see.

"Luke." I sneered.
"Hello Percy. How are you?"

I was angry. It's been 13 years. I should have finished him when I had the chance. Then I noticed the younger boy by his side. He looked exactly like my old enemy. Blond hair. Blue eyes. He was his son, I could tell that much. He was about Rose's age.

Oh no. Rose. I had to protect her and Annabeth for this... traitor.. at all costs. If I didn't, they would get hurt or die. I wouldn't be able to live with myself. Luke was after my daughter. He was going to send his little son to do his dirty work.

"What do you want?" I scowled.
"Ah. So straight to the point. Of course what I have always wanted. Your daughter."
"You'll never get to them."
"Oh. Are you going to fight me Percy? I believe you haven't met my son Richard."

I looked at the poor boy with pity. Young Richard, raised with an angry and revenge seeking father. I felt terrible. I had a happy childhood. This boy couldn't have one.

"Why are you doing this, Luke? Turning evil. Making your son do your work."
"I'm not evil. I'm simply choosing the right side. You will lose this war."

I winced. The war still haven't ended. For 13 long years, the war was gruesome and bloody. So many dead. It was true we might not win, but they might not too. We have a chance.

I looked back at the 13 year old boy, he smiled at me. A simple, 'I think you're a nice person' smile. Unlike his father's disgusting, evil smirk. Then, I realized. Richard wasn't like his father at all. He was different.

"Look Luke. We can both leave here in peace. Please. I don't want anyone to be hurt."
"As if I would do that Percy. You and I both know, I never go down without a fight. I hope you brought a weapon."

I looked at him, appalled. Richard gasped and stepped back. Luke smirked at his son. Then pulled out a sword from his sheath. I cursed. I had my sword, I just didn't want to use it. I pulled out my sword, hoping I didn't cut off my pants.

I could hear Rose's voice.

"Mother? What's going to happen?"
"I'm not sure, Rose. Please, just stay here." Annabeth replied.

At that moment, Luke charged. We clashed swords, Riptide against his sword Backbiter. You could hear the loud clang. The sparks were flying everywhere. I stepped in to strike, but he parried. We fought relentlessly and angrily. I wasn't giving up. I wasn't letting my family die.

I heard a new voice.

"Father, please. We have to leave."

It was Richard. Luke stopped and turned around. He scowled. I could have finished him off right then and there. But something was tugging at my heart, telling me no. If u killed Luke, his son wouldn't have a family to go to. I wasn't going to kill him. Maybe make a teeny tiny threat.

I put my sword near his neck.

"Luke. Leave us alone. Go. Now."
"This isn't over Percy. Your kingdom will burn in flames. Blood and bodies will cover the ground. You cannot win, Perseus Jackson."

Luke grabbed his son and ran. I winced at the use of my full name. Ugh. I was drenched in sweat. The mini battle had worn me out enough. The driver unfroze from his shock and looked at me.

"Are you alright, your highness?"
"Yes. Of course. Just let me get inside and we can keep going."
"As you wish."

I went inside the carriage and kissed my wife on the cheek. She playfully pushed me away.

"Oh eww. Percy, why are you so sweaty? What happened?"
"Yeah Father, what happened." Rose added, mad.

I gave Annabeth a look saying 'please explain to her'. She just glared at me.

"I got into a fight." I said.

Annabeth rolled her eyes. Rose looked disbelieving. Then looked at my wife like 'Mother what really happened?'.

Well, I wasn't lying. Technically. Then the carriage stopped again. I was ready to get out and start killing whatever was there. Then the driver spoke.

"Your majesties, we're here."

I breathed a sigh of relief. Annabeth noticed and laughed. I jumped out of the carriage and held out my hand to help her. She took it and smiled.

"Percy. I'm not completely helpless."
"I know. But it is the polite thing to do to escort your wife to the door."

She laughed. She her feet touched the ground, Annabeth let go. I took Rose's hand and helped her down.

"Father, I can get down by myself."
"I know."

She jumped out. I whispered to Annabeth.

"She gets that from you."
"Of course she does."

I was tempted to carry one of them, but I'm pretty sure they wouldn't like it. They both had the same intelligent gray eyes and hurtful glare.

The guards at the door recognized who we were. They let us inside without a word.

The first thing I saw once I got inside was a little blond dot charging at my daughter. I lunged to try and help Rose, but I realized she didn't need it. It was only Jason and Piper's daughter, Giselle. Their son, and Giselle's twin, Gabriel came strolling in. Jason and Piper followed their children.

"Jason. Piper." Annabeth ran towards them.

I couldn't blame her. They were like siblings. I hugged Jason. Piper gave me a light peck on the cheek. Annabeth hugged everyone.

"Aunt Annabeth!" Little Giselle cried out and charged to my wife. Annabeth hugged the blond girl.

"Aunt Piper!" Rose yelled and hugged her.

Jason and I shared a look. Our daughters hug their aunts before uncles. Ouch. Then Rose and Giselle linked arms and went skipping. Annabeth and Piper laughed. Gabriel stood by his father. Jason bent down.

"Gabriel, go play with your sister and Rose. They're going to do something fun."

He nodded and left. Then the girls came skipping back into the room.

"We forgot to say hi to the Uncle Jason." Rose began.
"And Uncle Percy."

They came by and gave us a hug. Piper and Annabeth were trying their hardest not to laugh.

I got an evil idea. I smirked at Jason. He seemed to catch on. Our wives looked at each other with a fearful expression. I could hear Rose, Giselle, and Gabriel laughing from the other room.

Well, it was our time to put our plan into action. I lunged at Annabeth, picked her up and threw her over my shoulder. Jason did the same. We ran to the gardens, which had a nice deep pool of cold water.

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