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10. Memories are other kind of scars

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I still remember your words, you know?
They're one of those things I feel like I will never be able to forget, just like your tender touch.
Somehow they were intoxicatingly dangerous and extremely addictive.
And this is going to sound cheesy.
The world has its own wonders but you were the wonder of my world.
See? I told you it was cheesy.
But I wrote "were" and not "are" which somehow makes me feel like I'm getting better at this.
But, Yoongi-hyung, you just make it so hard for me because even though you are gone your words haunt me like the ghost of the love you once had for me and memories are just other kind of scars.
And that's the kind of thing I don't easily forget.
When I was having a hard time you were like "Kookie, take my hand and let's get the fuck out of here, let's travel the world, open a few lamb skewers restaurants and start over, you and I, always, right?"
I believed it, and I guess you did too.
Maybe you were trying to convince yourself you loved me and not Hoseok-hyung,so you ended up lying to yourself and me... and him.

Forgetting progress: I said "were" and not "are"


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