09. Struggling but beautiful

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Maybe I'm raving and I feel delirious.
It's nothing about the medication.
But I think is life.
Maybe it's starting to grow inside of me again.
I have this feeling I put pavement all over me the day you left.
And I guess life cannot be hold for so long because maybe I wasn't so broken after all and it's growing like...
Exactly like those flowers you see growing in the middle of the street, you know?
Struggling but beautiful. Just like life, right?
You see them, growing, blossoming, lonely but confident.
I wish I could be like that too, you know, fighting for my life and dreams...
Standing there, emerging from a lifeless society.
Yeah, that's me.
This one's pretty short, hyung.
Just like you though.

Forgetting progress: Improving?


Me: *is in tears because of the beautiful people who reads and supports this story*


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