08. Skewered in a stick

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About those lamb skewers...
I think I never told you how badly I wanted to start a life with you.
I mean, yeah, we lived together and we had a great time.
But the lamb skewers restaurant idea?
Yoongi, I was so ready to have that with you. To start that kind of life, a lot more serious and a lot more stable.
"Skewered in a stick" was going to be an awesome place.
I had already imagined even the smallest details like the uniforms and maybe the recipe for our secret sauce and I know this sounds kind of obsessive but all those nights you came home late, I needed something to have my mind on, besides you.
Skewered in a stick.
A very chaotically calm place.
Like my soul, to be honest. Or my mind.
People would come because we ran the place so good even people who doesn't like lamb would try our skewers.
We would say they're "made with love"
And other 30 exotic species.
But that's information in excess for the costumers.
It became a real place in my head, Hyung.
It kind of shattered but who knows, maybe someday when we're less young, less dumb and less broken,
we could be partners.
Laborally talking.

Forgetting progress: I'm not less young or dumb or broken yet


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