07. Dark, deep and shiny

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I feel like I'm some kind of aesthetic guy in a coffee shop writing an emotional letter to another aesthetic guy with mint green hair and pale skin.
The coffee tastes like pee and I know you like it bitter but I swear to God, even you would sugar it, seriously, it takes horrible.
As you maybe have noticed, yes, I got out of home and not to buy groceries or being forced.
I actually wanted to come, this place is new.
But the coffee machine probably hasn't been cleaned in ages...
That's not the point.
The waitress is a nice middle-aged women who pinched my cheeks and also had your eyes.
Dark, deep and shiny.
This place somehow reminded me of you.
Or maybe it's just the fact that I keep looking for a piece of you in everyone and everything, which would make a lot more sense since I do find parts of you everywhere.
The other I was walking down the street and a girl offered me to try a new perfume or something and Yoongi-hyung, I shit you not, she had almost the same smile as you do.
Taehyung came to my house the other day and he muttered "I have to go to pee but I'm too lazy to stand up". It just reminded me so much of you.
And neck pillows:
And lamb skewers.
But the last ones deserve a whole letter so I'm going to stop right here...
Forgetting progress: As bitter as your coffee


Okay so I'm not an "Author's note" kind of girl but this story is getting a lot of support, love and compliments so I'm here to personally thank you all and express my gratitude!


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