06. I forgot how to live and enjoy it

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Probably, the saddest thing is that I've forgotten a lot of things and none of them were you.
I forgot how to smile and mean it.
I forgot how to treat people.
I forgot how to take care of myself.
And I forgot how to love. Anyone besides you, I guess. But I'm working on it.
I mean, yeah I love the hyungs.
Seokjin and his dad jokes, I love Jimin, I love Namjoon, I love Taehyung and, believe or not, I love Hoseok.
But, Yoongi.
I forgot how to live and enjoy it.
And I don't think that's something I can take back any time I want, get a girlfriend or a boyfriend and just... move on? Is that how is it supposed to go?
I mean, you fell in love with Hobi before we broke up so I guess it doesn't apply to your case and I guess it's different when the person is heartbroken.
But I'm trying here, I have to move on first.
And in order to move on I have to forget you.
And you know I don't mean forgetting you as erasing you from my life. I mean it in a "I have to forget how you made me feel and I have to erase my feelings".
But you'll always be my friend.
Even though we haven't spoken in a year, I really hope that, eventually, we'll get trough this.
Not together.
Forgetting progress: On it.


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