05. The answer is always "I'm fine"

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Have you ever been in a "I don't know" mood?
I don't think I remember you in one of those and, Yoongi-Hyung, and I remember a lot about you.
So, I'm going to explain my current mood to you.
Is literally "I don't know"
Is the answer to the questions.
Except "how are you", I guess.
The answer to that question is always "I'm fine".
It's quite ironic, isn't it?
We say we're fine and we seem fine to a person who says they're fine and seems fine and both of them are dying in silence, probably someone will find them in a hot tub.
Sorry it got dark.
Part of the mood I guess.
It's like not caring about anything anymore.
"Oh, can I go buy food for your very hungry dog while your on a trip?"
And as horrible as it sounds.
I would not know what to do.
It's resentment, I guess.
The whole "if you're not mine, you can't be anyone's" but on a new level.
"If I can't live, you can't either"
And I know I sound like a horrible human being but I've been having these thoughts lately and I needed to share them.
So I'm really sorry it got dark and weird but I guess my mind is dark and weird at the moment.
By the way.
You know I wouldn't let a dog or anyone starve to death... right?

Forgetting progress: Idk


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