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I had promised myself that I would hold out my complaints for the day, and no matter how much I hated something, I wouldn't tell Jae-won. Much to my dismay, he hadn't taken notice to my silence and rather, took advantage of it. Forcefully, since I was silent, he brought me along to every possible ride he could before the day came to an end. Although I wasn't in the mood for food, we still had to eat yet. 

I was far from exhausted, but he was dead tired. His eyes are narrowed a lot more than they originally were. Occasionally, he took off his baseball cap to brush back his black hair and rub his tired face. Eventually, he grabbed my hand and leaned against me the rest of the way out of the park, almost like a child.

I pat his back carefully. "Jae-won, you are too big for me to carry. Wake up before we get locked in the park," I tell him. I squeezed his loose hand, shaking it a bit so it would catch his attention.

Jae shuffled a bit, releasing my hand to rub his eyes. "Yeah, I know." Yawning, he stretched out his long arms to release some tension he received from the rides. "I even have to drive."

My eyes widened as I remembered the small detail that was highly important. "That's right!" I gasped, a hand over my mouth. "Can you make it?"

He thought about it. "If I have sugar..." He trails off, looking at me expectantly. The hope in his eyes was too bright for me to deny, so I agreed and followed him towards the ice cream shop near the front gates.

"This is our dinner?" I questioned, looking over to him. I scooped some my ice cream, waiting for his answer before eating it. "I might like the marriage life after all."

His eyes widened as he nodded, taking a bite of the swirled cream from it's cone. "Me too!" Jae didn't remove his eyes from the food, showing his high interest by the small action.

I looked to my ice cream, a little less enthusiastic about it, and set the spoon down. "Is that any good?" I bit my lip as I wondered how delicious it really was. Finding it in myself, I picked up my spoon again and reached out to his cone.

"Lemme try," I whispered, distracted. Shockingly, he allowed my spoon to intrude and take a small piece off. I was careful to not dump the sprinkles as I carried it to my mouth, hoping for the paradise he seemed to have.

I was quite disappointed. It was just a chocolate and vanilla swirl with sprinkles and on a cone. It was plain and simple, yet Jae-won made it seem like it was heaven on earth.

Sighing, I dropped my spoon again in my cup. "You really are boring." I eyed his outfit again after being reminded of the awful choice. "A tourist at heart."

He finally looked up to me. "What did you get?" Jae glanced down to my bowl, taking in each piece of candy that was placed in it. "I want to try that!"

I lowered my head to also look at my ice cream. "Are you allergic to anything?" I questioned, being wary of his sudden greed. He shook his head, making me take a deep breath before scooping up my Moose-tracks ice cream. "Here."

Jae leaned forward across the small table, opening his mouth wide, mind concentrated thoroughly on the food. As soon as it hit his tongue, his eyes popped open again. Quickly, he grabbed the spoon to finish his bite. "Wah! This is good!"

I made a face: my eyebrows raised and lips curled. "You are such a child, I swear," I mumbled, shaking my head. "We really need to work on your vocabulary extension."

Jae nodded. "Yes, you said that." He went back to finishing his dessert before eventually eating the rest of mine. We cleaned up our area and leaving quickly, for the sky was slowly getting darker. He took the lead in leaving the park this time, heading towards the car with a hop in his steps.

When the hotel was closer to us, it started to sink in that my day had ended and I would have to soon go back to school. My weekend was so hectic, now that is ending, I am a bit disappointed. Although I was glad school had a holiday tomorrow, I wish I could have Tuesday off as well.

I glanced over to my husband as we pulled into the parking lot, and I had to fight a laugh seeing his dorky glasses on his face again. When he parked, he also looked to me with a soft smile. "What is wrong?"

I tipped the side of his glasses. "These." I shifted so I faced him. "You look dumb."

He frowned, fixing them. "I do not! I look great." As he glanced back at me, he leaned closer, staring me in the eyes. "Don't lie."

I let out a wavering breath. No matter how comfortable I felt around him, I didn't like his random kisses he liked to give. I turned my head away, once again, and left the car. "Enough with the kisses, you perv."

"I'm not a perv!" He pouted, closing his door after leaving the glasses behind. "Stop calling me that."

"Old man?"

Jae's stare turned cold as he threw me an annoyed glance. I laughed it off, not bothered by his aggravation, and was rather, happy he also was suffering. "Jae-won," he exaggerated his words. "Jae. Won."


Immediately, Jae enclosed his hands over my lips, shocked from my loudness as we walked into the hotel lobby. "Hush, Lilla! You're going to get me in trouble. I don't know what you said, but it doesn't sound good!"

I smirked, feeling the smugness wash over me as I removed his hand. We entered the elevator, an evil sparkle in my eye. "Rich pervert!"

The door slowly closed, but behind it was a hotel keeper, watching us skeptically. She caught heed of my words and gasped in surprise, quickly looking to Jae-won, who didn't notice her existence.

"You can't buy my love!" I shout, never feeling guilt or embarrassment for I only looked to my husband. "Take this ring-" I waited for the door to close before laughing. "And get yourself another lover!"

Jae-won sighed heavily, dropping his head onto the wall beside him. "Shut. Up."

"Says the Chinese boy," I barked back. I realized how awfully stupid my comment was, but it seemed to have annoyed him more as he sat up. He glared harshly at me.



The man in the pic above is not Jae, okay? Okay.

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