The last day?

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It's the last day in magcon dallas. Yes Dallas Texas, anyway is got up and stayed in my sweatpants and t-shirt and put on a cameron dallas hoddie over top of it. I brushed my teeth and hair and put it in a messy bun. I stared packing and so did Caneron. We drove to the airport and got our tickets. As we waited for them to call our flight, "Hey cam, were are we going next?" I asked cameron.


"Oh ok. and where's all the guys?"

"We're right here!" I hear Shawn say from behind with all the guys following him. "haha hey!" I say

" Flight 235 now boarding" the person on the speaker says.

"At let's roll!" cam says

We board the plane and I am sat next to Taylor and Matt was on my right, fuck! this is going to be awkward! I start to get tired and fell asleep.


Hannah fell asleep next to me, she looked so cute when she sleeps. I was so mad when she said she has mixed feelings about me and taylor. Yea Taylor is one of my best friends but I want Hannah to be mine and only mine.


"HANNAH WAKE UP!" Matt says in my face "were here" he says and gets up and Taylor walks away with him. I get up an walk off the plane we all get our bags and walk over to see a limo that has a guy bye the car holding a sign that says ' Magcon family' I look over to cameron and he smiles. we walk over put our bags in the truck and ride to the hotel. we get there and go to our rooms I'm rooming with cameron, and nash. I really didn't want to sleep in a room with two boys but who is complaining? we all unpack our things and all the guys come piling in the room. "he guys wanna go to the beach?" aaron askes. we all say yes and I grab my bikini and go into the bathroom, I change in to my blue bikini that had no straps at the top, it just went around my chess. I fix my hair and put it up into a not perfect but good pony tail and walk out with a pink towel in my hand. All the guys are in my room shirtless with there swim trunks. "ZAYMMMMMM BAE!" I hear jack j, scream. I blush and cameron yells "hey! that's my sister!" I blush even more and grab my phone and walk to the lobby all the guys follow. We decided to walk to the beach since it's just 2 blocks away. we are almost to the beach when I hear one of the guys yell "RACE YOU!" and they all start running and so do I, I past most of them but come in second. Taylor was first. "I won you lost!" he chants

"Oh shut up!" I say I put my phone done and lay my towel down. I stand they for no reason until I feel someone pick me up and put me over there shoulder. they throw me into the freezing could oven water and I come up and see nash laughing and all the other guys.

"NASH IM GOING TO KILL YOU!". I yell and run after nash he feel on the sand and I laugh and run back I the water I dive in, and swim. I get pulled back under and someone kisses me, I kiss back, the kiss was way better than Taylor's, it was just perfect. I pull away and go back up and so dose.. matt! he just stands there smiling. I blush a little and and smile. I walk back over to my towel and tan. a few minutes later I hear the guys talking and there voices getting closer. I get up and grab my towel and phone and we start to walk back. I went into my room and so dose cam and nash. "Im going to take a shower." I say

"Ok but put on a dress or something pretty and go down to the lobby when your down." cam says with nash nodding

"Why?" I ask with a confused face.

"You'll see." they say and then walk out of the room. ok that was weird. I shook it off and took a shower. I got out and put on a light purple knee length dress, it was tight but no way to right that you can see every thing, trust me I'm not a slut. When my hair dries I curl it and put a silver bow on the side. I also put on some make up and silver heels. I grab my phone and go to the lobby. I see all the guys wearing tux. Ok what the hell is going on?

"What's going on?" I ask

Cameron walks over and offers me him arm I put my arm with his and we walk out with all the guys following behind. we get in the limo and no one is telling me where we going. we get out and I see this huge! place that looks so fancy! we walk in and it's a restraint with a dance floor. "we are eating did net here." carter says

"Ok really you couldn't tell me that?" I say looking at all of them. They all shake there head no. we get setted and Order.

"May I have this dance?" Matt askes
"Yes you may." I say grabbing his hand and walking out to the floor. it's a slow song so he puts his hands on my waist I get shivers from is touch, it's so gental! I think he felt it because he chuckles. I blush and put my hands around his neck. he pulls me close and there are so May people on the floor I can't even see any of the guys. I get even closer to him and lean in so dose he. his lips crash into mine and our lips move in sync. it feels so right. and we start to make out. I pull away an smile. "can I please dance with my sister?" cam asks from behind matt. Matt nods and walks off. cameron grabs my hands and we start to dance. but the slow song is still on. "why did you just make out matt?" cameron asks

"Cameron I'm allowed to do what I want, remember what we talked about?"

"Yea Hannah I do but I know you like Taylor and Matt, I can tell by the way you look at them. Hannah I just don't want you getting hurt."

I look at cameron one more time and walk out of the building I don't even eat I grab a cab and go back to the hotel. as I was walking in some one covered my mouth and pulled me out side into this alley.

I had no idea who it was I was so scared! He turns me around still covering my mouth and it's.......

(( ok guys CLIFFHANGER! lol sorry I haven't been updating I couldn't think of anything! maybe tomorrow I will double update! let me get 158 reads 20 votes and 3 comments!))

-- Hannah -- 💖

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