00| Prologue

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Written on April 10th, 2017


Ever since the Great Battle, a barbaric war between Humans and Werewolves that took place many centuries ago, the Werewolves were in control. They ruled the world, which wasn't always as advantageous for the Humans. As subordinates of the Wolves, they didn't have any other choice than to follow their commands.

This introduced the Law of Nineteen. A law that requires all Human females of nineteen to submit themselves to a ball. A ball, which they have to attend on the last day of the year, to see if the Mateless Wolves perhaps turn out to have a Human mate whenever they are rendered unable to find their own mate at the age of sixteen – something that it not uncommon when a bond between two Wolves is formed.

The downside of the Law of Nineteen, is that a lot of parents take the decision to abort the pregnancy, as soon as they find out they're having a girl. This made the female population near extinct, making the male Mateless Wolves grow in numbers.

To stop the extinction of the Human females, all pregnancies were then to be monitored. Every town got a grand hospital, where pregnant women are to stay for nine months – until the baby is born. But, despite the heavy security and being monitored, it didn't help as much as they expected it to do. A lot more Wolves found themselves without a Mate, and the chance of finding one was becoming smaller. Women tried to escape tradition, something they managed to pull off a bit more often than the Werewolf Leaders liked to admit.

Which is why the Royal family finally decided to alter the Law of Nineteen, and add an extra penalty for the numerous 'attempts' of escaping; if a girl was to be born, a small – almost invisible – chip was to be implanted into the girls neck. The Alpha of the village – or town – where the girl was to grow up, would be able to follow her every move that way. If the girl were to try to escape and run off to the Valley of Nemo, the Alpha would be able to find her back in no time.

As for the Law of Nineteen: as soon as girls reach the age of nineteen – the official age for becoming an adult in the Werewolf kingdom – they were automatically submitted to the Sphera. A ball was then to be given on December 31st, in the Domum, where Werewolves were hoping to find their Mates.

And if not, a forced Mating between a Human female and a Wolf male would be arranged. 

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