thirteen ; such a softie

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xiii. such a softie

━ ❝ you're too cute ❞

━ ❝ you're too cute ❞

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FELIX WAS COMPLETELY oblivious to everything that had happened in the camp concerning Arabella, the boys, and Pan. He was busy waiting for Neal to arrive so he could hold him captive. It was the immortal leader idea because then they could keep Gold occupied. Little did they know that the game was about to shift due to the outcome of this. The two of them were walking through the forest and the second in command was perfectly fine with the silence. Until he decided to have a bit of fun.

"Feels like just yesterday I welcomed you to Neverland the first time, Baelfire. Gotta say, hoped I'd never see you again."

Neal stayed calm. It had been years since he'd been on the island full of nightmares. He remembered all of the things he went through with Pan, hearing the lost boys cry at night, and all he did to escape this disastrous place. Yet here he was, right back in the endless torture realm that is known as Neverland. "Then maybe Pan shouldn't have taken my son."

"Maybe you should've left well enough alone. "

"I'm gonna get him back."

They turned down a path and Felix put his club on his shoulders. He nearly laughed. "You really believe that? You were a lost boy. You know Peter Pan's not to be trifled with." He smirked. "You know how long he's been searching for the heart of the truest believer. Do you really believe he'll just... give him up?"

Unbeknownst to Felix, Neal started to pry the ropes off his wrists. He tried to keep the conversation going so the lost boy didn't notice. "Maybe if I ask nicely."

Felix chuckled that time. In the years he arrived on Neverland, he was always quiet and emotionless, not saying very much about anything. Later it was revealed the reason why: he had been physically and verbally abused through his entire life by his own father. Pan got him out of the shell. He was still awfully quiet at times, but he did have more of an opinion and wasn't afraid to speak his mind if needed. So that's why he did it then. "You may have grown up, Baelfire, but it would appear you have grown up stupid."

"I have grown up. I don't know if I'm stupid or not, but I do know I know how to tie an overhand knot." Neal got free and swung around, punching Felix in the face, making him fall to the ground unconscious. The adult threw off his jacket. "I'm not a boy anymore, Felix. I sure as hell ain't lost." Running off into the woods, he hoped he found Emma before Pan found him.

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