03. I'm not art

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Sometimes life hurts a lot.
You were fresh air in the middle of the chaos.
You were a safe place.
And I still don't know what I was for you.
But I have the feeling I wasn't good enough.
Loving enough.
Attentive or careful enough.
I just was not enough.
And that's fine. Because it's true.
I'm not a home date with hot chocolate when it's raining outside.
I'm not a good book.
I'm not art.
I'm not anyone's favorite movie. Or song.
I'm not birthday cake.
And I'm not you. I can't seem to earn people's love.
Somehow, I got yours.
Your love, nice words, compliments, loving actions.
And of course you got mine.
In fact, you got all of me, to the point that when I woke up and you weren't by my side, I fell empty because I gave you everything so I had nothing left.
Forgetting progress: I suck at this


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