02. You sounded magical

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You were mine, Yoongi.
And I was yours.
That is probably my favorite concept out of them all.
Belonging to each other, not because of lust but because of love.
I certainly can't remember what exactly made me fall in love with you.
Because maybe it was everything.
But one of the things I loved the most about you was the way you played piano.
 I loved how you were so passionate about it, the way your hands seemed like they weren't even touching the keys

You sounded magical.
And I really hope you still do.
By the way, I don't know if you're getting these letters or if you're just throwing them directly to the bin. 
Or maybe Hoseok is not letting you read them.
Either way, this is not an attempt to hurt you or make you feel bad about it.
Forgetting progress: none, yet


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