Chapter 14

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Angel's POV

I was woken up this morning by the twins. They said that they needed to take care of their Alpha business - some meetings about patrols and a few documents to see if everything was running smoothly in the pack - and that it might take the whole day.
I was a little sad at that but I understood that they had to work too. So I smiled at them, kissed both of their cheeks, nose and forehead and said it was okay.
They pressed a kiss to my cheek, mumbled a 'sorry' into my hair where they took a big sniff of my scent and left the room. I went back to sleep because it was too early to be awake for me.

I awoke a few hours later to a grumbling stomach. I got up, used the toilet and brushed my teeth and went downstairs to find something to eat.

In the kitchen I met up with Lisa who had also just come down to find some breakfast so we ate together. We spent a few hours watching movies and ate lunch.

I hadn't seen the twins since the early morning when they woke me and I missed them terribly but I didn't want to distract them while they were working, so I decided to go upstairs to our room to surround myself with their scents and hopefully calm myself.

I was just about to open the door when I heard two pairs of heels clicking down the hallway towards where I was. Being curious I turned to look at whoever was coming and oh my, did they have make up on.

It really looked like they had an inch of it on their faces. They looked so alike, another pair of twins perhaps? Long blonde hair that was as straight as someone's hair could be and striking blue eyes. They had a slim body but curves in all the right places and their clothing only accentuated that. And high heels that I was sure that I wouldn't be able to walk with, how they did it, I had no idea.

They had an angry scowl on their faces and it was directed towards me. I have never met them and I have already angered them? Good job, Angel.

"You!" One of them screeched. Holy cow, that voice could break glass.

I looked around and then pointed a finger to my chest as if to say 'me?'.

"Yes you, you bitch!"

Uh yeah, no. They did not just call me a female dog.

"I'm not a mirror, sweetie." And I smiled at them in pity.

"Anyway. Can I help you two somehow?"

"Yes, you can actually!"

"Delightful! How can I help you then?"

"By backing off of the Alphas."

Well, that was blunt.

"Excuse me?"

"You need to back off of them. They're ours."

"Oh I'm sorry-" I started but they cut me off.

"Yeah, you better be, bitch."

"- but I don't live in Delusionville." and I smiled at them sweetly.

"You... Just... Just back off ." They strutted away in their high heels, faces red from embarrassment.

I was about to go into our bedroom once again when I heard a snorting laugh from the staircase. Turning my head in that direction, I saw Chris with his phone in his hand.

"That was hilarious!" and he burst out laughing.

I chuckled along with him while walking towards where he was standing.

"You saw that?"

"Of course I did! That was gold! And I got it on a video too."

That made me smile at him shyly.

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