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01. Forgetting the unforgettable

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It's curious how a memory can play in repeat, isn't it?
I'm not saying I enjoy it, but for sure it's an interesting phenomenon.
I have to say that's it's been a year and I still can't stop thinking about our argument. Hands running trough mint green hair in frustration and alcohol breath.
You sure weren't in your right state of mind and I have to admit I wasn't either. We both made mistakes that night.
What hurt me the most wasn't the broken rib or the constant headache I had for days.
It was your words.
Being sober after being incredibly drunk sucks.
But being sober after being incredibly drunk, having a broken rib, a massive headache and a boyfriend who "wants to talk"...
Believe me, that sucks a lot more.
Now, that everything is over, I'm trying to forget you.
But you're not that new song you hear in your car and forget as soon as the three and a half minutes are over.
Or your name the first time we met. I'm still sorry for not remembering it for a few weeks.
Or that news that wasn't interesting at all, which is forgotten by the afternoon.
Or half of the stuff you learnt at school.
Or me.
You're not easily forgotten,  Yoongi.
But I swear I will learn the art of forgetting you.
Of forgetting the unforgettable.


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