‘Fallon!’  Emma wrapped her arms with delight around her sister.  ‘I came as soon as I could,’ she laughed.

Fallon greeted Burward, before Braeden dragged him away for drinks.

‘When did you return from the continent?’  Fallon smiled, happy to see Emma looking so radiant and clearly very much in love with her new husband.

‘Only yesterday morning,’ Emma smiled.  ‘Burward was tired,’ she smiled shyly, but I urged him for us, to make the trip to you.’

‘Thank you Emma,’ Fallon tried not to look too sad.  She appreciated her sister taking the time to come to visit her.  It did get lonely in the huge mansion, what with Braeden continuously away each day.  It was mostly in the weekends that she had Braeden to herself.  Fallon was pleased Emma had chosen a Saturday to visit.

‘This is for you Fallon,’ Emma handed her sister a package wrapped in brown paper, securely tied with string.

‘What is it?’  Fallon ripped through the packaging excitedly.  Emma laughed as she knew Fallon would discover the gift before she could start speaking.  ‘Good Lord Em, it is gorgeous.’  Fallon lifted the salacious lingerie up to the light.  I love it’ … and so will my husbandwhen I put it on.

‘I knew you would Fallon,’ Emma smiled shyly.  ‘Green is definitely your colour.  When I saw it, I just knew it would look good on you.’

Privately Fallon could just picture the look of delight in Braeden’s eyes when he saw her in this evening wear.   She knew he could scare keep his hands of her when she was dressed in such exquisite lace.   Her husband may have wandering eyes; he may have a taste for variety but Fallon marveled at the certain amount of power she wielded over her husband.

‘So did you get any that Burward would ___ appreciate,’ Fallon teased.

‘Fallon!’  Emma coloured up profusely.

Fallon laughed.  ‘Come on Em, you have to get past this maiden’s shyness of yours.’

‘Do let us change the subject,’ Emma pleaded, her face all scarlet.

‘All right Em,’ Fallon grinned.  ‘So why do you not stay over?’  Fallon enquired hopefully.

Emma smiled apologetically.  ‘I would love to Fallon, but we did not bring any change of clothes and Burward is making alterations at our home.  He was quite eager to finish and I am certain a tad disappointed that I dragged him away,’ she laughed softly.

Fallon smiled, lowering her eyes.  She hardly believed Emma would need to beg Burward.  She was certain Burward would go to the ends of the earth to be with Emma and to make her happy unlike Braeden who found every excuse to stay away from her.

‘You must be hungry.  Let us have luncheon,’ Fallon stood up.

‘You do not have to right away __ ,‘ Emma did not want Fallon to rush about unnecessarily.

Fallon laughed.  ‘Being with child is not a sickness Em.  And Braeden too has begun to raise a breeze almost every day about my health.’

Emma laughed softly.  ‘Do not be alarmed by it Fallon.  It’s just that he cares for you very much and wants no harm to come to you or the babe.’

Does he really?  Fallon was at pains to trust Emma’s judgment.  She knew differently.  She wanted to spend all her time with Braeden because she loved him so.  So if Braeden spent so much of time away from her …. Did he care for her?

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