Chapter 24

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‘We are delighted, dear,’ the baroness embraced Fallon.

‘Congratulations Hampton,’ the baron smiled broadly, exchanging a hearty handshake with Braeden.

‘Thank you,’ Braeden beamed elatedly.  Silently he said a prayer of thanks.  He had been thinking himself unable to sire an offspring, that perhaps some medical condition was preventing him producing an heir. He was overjoyed that his worries had been for naught.  Off course there was nothing wrong with him, or his adorable wife.  They were both perfectly healthy and there had been absolutely no reason to panic.

‘Braeden? ’

‘Yes my lady?’  He dragged his attention back to the present.

‘We should leave, if we want to be home before dark.’

He liked that she regarded their home and not her parents’ home as home . ‘Yes off course,’ he smiled at his wife.

‘Are you sure you do not want to stay another day?’  The baroness enquired.  ‘There is no need to rush today.’

‘Thank you mama,’ Fallon smiled, ‘but Hampton would like to share the news with his grandmère.’

‘She is certainly going to be rather elated,’ the baroness laughed softly.

‘I believe so,’ Braeden laughed agreeably.  ‘Heaven above knows, grandmère has been rather impatient to have some young ones running about the estate.’

The baron placed his palm on Braeden’s shoulder.  ‘Best you leave whilst there is still light,’ he suggested with concern.

‘The carriage is all packed,’ Braeden nodded.  He looked in the direction when Fallon was in conversation with the baroness.  Braeden smiled at the way Fallon was nodding her head vigorously.  He suspected the baroness was imparting wise words to her daughter with regard to Fallon’s delicate condition.

‘Shall we?’  Braeden laid a hand lightly on Fallon’s shoulder.

‘Yes,’ Fallon agreed softly.

Braeden observed her eyes were moist.  She looked everywhere but into his eyes.

‘Fallon?’  He whispered quietly.  ‘Are you all right?’

‘Yes,’ she nodded and offered him a brief smile.  ‘I shall miss mama,’ she confessed.

Braeden was surprised.  She had not been reluctant to stay when they had wed.  Infact he had suspected, Fallon had seemed eager to begin her new life.  Perhaps now that she was with child, she wanted her mother close by … she desired maternal support.

‘We could stay a day or so, if you would rather not travel,’ he suggested.

‘No!’ she looked up into his eyes.  ‘I too, would like to give your grandmère our good news.’

Braeden swallowed down his breath. His eyes trained on Fallon.  It pleased him greatly that his wife could be so considerate.  He was impatient to inform the dowager of their news, but his wife’s health was more important to him.  If she was not feeling strong enough to travel, he would stay another day.  It did not matter where they were, as long as they were together.

‘If you are certain?’  He queried.

‘Yes, I am well rested and I feel fine,’ she smiled.  ‘Take me to her.’

‘As you wish my lady,’ Braeden nodded with a smile and escourted Fallon to their awaiting carriage.

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