Over protective parents

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Kyuubi and Itachi laying down with there sons in an protective way as they slept.

Sasuke was making breakfast for everyone until he felt some run there fingers threw his hair than rub his ears "Naruto" Sasuke says earning a giggle from said blond "morning Sasuke" Naruto says, wagging his nine tails happily "morning...can you go set the table for me Naru" Sasuke says kissing Naruto on the head "sure" Naruto says smiling.

They were in a comfortable silence with the only sound of the bacon sizzling and the softly clanking of the plates hitting the table.

Though their silence was interrupted by the sound of crying going on from upstairs as they looked at each other "Itachi got's it" Sasuke says as Naruto nods agreeing with his mate while listening to the cry that was starting to dye down.

Upstairs Kyuubi was rocking Akira who was starting to fall back asleep "techy...wake up" the red-head says using his free hand to wake his mate up "ya kyu" Itachi says opening one eye slightly "how about we go out for a walk with the kids today" Kyuubi says, as his tails wagged while smiling "I guess so" Itachi says about to get up but felt a slight movement on his stomach as he looked down to see Akio who was still sleeping peacefully.

"Aww so cute" Kyuubi says smiling happily at the sight in front of him until Itachi kissed him on the nose "techy" Kyuubi says lowering his ears blushing madly.

A knock  interrupted there quite time "come in" Itachi says looking at the door while holding Akio "hey bro Sasuke is making breakfast" Sasukie says smiling while leaning on the door frame "ok" Itachi says looking at his younger brother who, nodded and left.

"I wonder what Sasuke's making for breakfast" Kyuubi says wagging his nine tails happily "we can go to the kitchen and see what he's making" Itachi says earning a nod from the red head.

Itachi picks up his son Akio waking up the little one that looked up at his father with curious eyes "morning little one" Itachi says as he wagged his tail happily as he soon heard giggling Itachi looked over to his mate who was poking the little red head, who was giggling.

The couple soon left there room heading down stairs with their kids "morning boys" Kyuubi says as he smiles "morning Kyuubi" Naruto says as he was wagging his 9 tails as, Menma had fallen asleep at the table, Sasukie waved at Kyuubi before going back to writing something on Menma's face, Sasuke had just finished making breakfast and started to set the table.

"morning Sasuke" Itachi says as his younger brother just nodded "morning come eat some breakfast" Sasuke says putting food on the table.

Kyuubi's POV

I rub Akira's back as he was playing with my hair while babbling about something as he giggles I love my little strawberry.

I felt someone kiss my cheek as I looked to the side to see Itachi beside me as he smiled I couldn't help but smile back at him as we ate our breakfast together while the boys finished eating and left for school while I went to feed my babies,  while Itachi went to clean the around the house for a bit.

My ear twitches softly as I wonder what me and techy were going to do today maybe something fun like go to the park or a play ground, maybe even go on a small adventure not to far from the house but somewhere fun to be.

I noticed a shadow was on top of me as I smelled the sent of black berries "techy" I said looking up to see my mate smiling at me softly I softly purred wagging my 9 tails as he kissed my forehead "hey kyu how are you feeling" Techy asks, me causing me to smile even more "I'm doing fine techy...but do you wanna go anywhere" I asked him "sure once your done feeding we can head out" techy says leaving me with the kids.

After a while we were ready to head out the house Akira and Akio were strapped in there stroller there ears and tails perfectly hidden from all the villagers "ready to go babe" Itachi says as I nodded.

We left home and walked the streets as passer-byers would look at our kids or tried to stop us and gush over our cubs.

You could say I've became over protective of my..er our cubs cause Itachi was growling at one of the people who had ask to touch our baby "no" he growled as we kept walking to the park together.

Itachi holds my hand as we both pushed the stroller together like a happy married couple even though were not really married.


I was matching home with me and Itachi's crying kids the park was fun until ideots got a dumb idea Itachi was by myside trying to calm me down which was slightly working "I cant believe that woman though we were in sooted to be parents just because we're gay" I yelled, causing a seen to us 4 until Itachi picked me up and left taking me to a forest as he set me down on his lap were the wind softly blew calming me down.

Itachi ran his fingers threw my hair causing me to purr I even noticed the kids had clamed down "the kids are connected to you right now you need to stay calm cause your emotions affect them the most" he says kissing me.

I nodded my head "ok techy" I said laying my head on his chest while the boys slept quietly.

We listened to the breeze of the when the sun shined on us softly as we relaxed for a while until Itachi's phone ringed I looked at him "It's from Sasuke" Itachi says looking at his phone again as he answered the call I dosed off while he was talking to his brother.

After a while I woke up to a soft swaying motion looking up to see my mate Itachi.


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