Chapter twenty-six

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Hermione had been acting strange since she told us about a new ghost in the halls. I'll have to talk to father about this, he'd probably know. A lot has happened since then though, like Piper attacking a Slytherin girl called Pansy or how the book Annabeth had gone missing. I don't know if she's found it but that note about Luna and 'They' was kinda scary. I walked into the library, Will was studying and Reyna said that she'd meet me here to talk about something that Draco had spoken to her about.

"Hey, guys!" I sat down and tried not to smile at them, weak. Shoving those thoughts away I began to listen to Reyna,

"So Draco said that the book we found was not only forbidden but not allowed at this school. Someone snuck it in," I felt my Eyes widen as Will gasped.

"So that means that Luna brought it in!" Will looked completely flabbergasted, nodding Reyna turned back to me.

"What do you think about the page the note was on? I mean how could've she changed our memories? Did she even do that or was she curious?" I sighed and tugged at my hair.

"I don't know but what I do know is that we're in big trouble. Also on another topic altogether who is that weird ghost Hermione keeps on talking to?" It was Reyna's turn to sigh,

"From what I've heard it seems that the ghost only comes when she is alone, So many believe that she is making it up but Hermione seem s be able to describe his apprentice in a way that couldn't be made up and all of her 'stories' seem to match up. Honestly, I have a feeling that these two things are connected." I nodded as Will gasped like he'd just noticed something,

"I saw Mrs Weasley sending a letter to Luna!" I raised an eyebrow and held his elbow.

"Will I know you're trying to help but that doesn't have anything to do with what we were talking about," He rolled his eyes and clicked his tongue,

"You didn't let me finish Neeks," I glared at the nickname earning a laugh from the blonde and brunette sitting with me.

"What I was about to say was that when she got Luna's reply it also came with a bottle. That could've been the Potion. Not saying it was but Mrs Weasley did look around to see if anyone was there before pouring some onto our meals." I felt my stomach drop, that couldn't be true.

"Well why didn't you say anything," Reyna glared at Will who shrunk back at her gaze.

"Mrs Weasley noticed that I saw and said that if I told anyone and she found out that she'd do something that I wouldn't like. I wasn't really a threat as more of a warning. It didn't sound like her voice though," I grabbed his hand my stomach churning.

"Will did you just say that you think that Mrs Weasley might've poisoned us against her will, threatened you and somehow have gotten Luna involved." Will nodded his blue eye filled with confusion and fear.

Why can't we just be normal?

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