Chapter 19

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This is still your kid. I know but I don't want to be a father I'm not ready. and again why did I come to talk to you. Because you like me and you know it. Yea your right but I'm really hurt. Awe baby girl don't be sad. Why shouldn't I be sad if you don't want to be a father. Well you do have a point but I'm not helping. Ok but don't talk to me into you have some sense in you. I do have sense in me. Oh really if you did you would have help me and not be a dick face. I'm not ready and this conversation with stop right now. Then fine don't come talk to me you son of a bitch. I know that I'm a bitch and a fuck boy you don't have to tell me. Oh trust me I I wasn't going to tell you. Well my girlfriend is coming over. Ugh I hate you so much. But I thought you like me. Oh shut up don't use my words against me. Baby it's going to be ok. You know what shut up just shut up. Ok well I,ll see you later. Hey riles are you ok what did he want. Well he wants my body and he won't help me at all. Do you want me to fight him. No it's fine let's get to class. Hey it's that girl Cindy from last time. Hi sluts what are you doing here. This is our class what are you doing here. Well my boyfriend is in this class so they switch me he is so hot. and who is your boyfriend. Oh he name is farkle I'm glad that smackle girl broke up with him. Why because I can have him to my self and he's so hot. Ok we get it he's hot but he an ass. How come are you Jealous. No but he left he secret girlfriend he got her pregnant and he doesn't want to be part of it. Wow his girlfriend mess be a slut. So you don't care. No I don't it's her fault not his nor mine so yea. Ugh you and him make me sick I hope you burn in hell with him ass well. Wow those hormones aren't playing around. Girls are you ok. Yes Mr Matthews were ok. Hey where's farkle he is late again. It's ok just get to teaching. Hey Mr Matthews sorry I'm late. Where were you. Hanging out with my friends. Well you have detention after school today. No I can't me and my girlfriend have plans for today. Awe it's ok baby I can have detention with you. Awe really babe that's sweet. Ewww y'all make me sick. It looks like someone is jealous. Look here I'm not jealous of your man so leave me the hell alone. Fine ok it looks like someone is mad. Cindy detention after school. Fine ok I don't care anyway. (After school (   Riles are you ok. Yea I'm fine peaches just thinking. What you thinking about. About life how I wish that none of this stuff happened. I fill you but you can't change that. I know I wish you could so how is you and josh doing. We're doing good we're picking out a place to live and we decided that you could live with us into you decide when your moving out. Awe thanks for that and what did my parents say. They said that it would have been a good idea that me and you live together. Plus don't think it's weird that I'm dating your uncle. No it's ok I don't care and it's still going to be weird no matter what. Yup I knew that all along. So what you wanna go do today. I don't know me and you don't hang out with each other like that anymore. Yea I know I miss that. Me too now we're in high school we're doing our own little thing. Yea sometimes I wish we were in middle school. Yea it was much easier but we're losing our friends in high school. I know but that's how life works. Ooo you wanna go see a scary movie. Um riles last time we went to go see a scary movie you got us kick out and you cuss them out and brought your mom into this mess. Well you do have a point ok i was mad. You were screaming way to loud. Well yeah plus those hormones are getting out of control. Like if we get kick out again we might go to jail. No we won't and I can control it. Sure you can. Just trust me. Ugh fine if we getting kick out I'm ditching you. Fair enough. Let's go Annabell. Your out of your fuckin mind. No im not  im so for real. I don't this is a good idea let's. Ugh fine let's call Lucas smackle and zay. Much better so if we get kick out Lucas can stop you and zay. Yea that's a good idea let's go. (After the movie(  see I told you guys that I wasn't going to go off. Well riles was right. So y'all oh me ice cream. This was a bet all along. What's wrong ranger rick you broke. No I have money I spent it all on you at the movies buying you snacks. Oh then smackle can I hold a dollar please I will pay you back. Sure but we all know that your not going to pay me back. Yea you got that right. Let's go eat some ice cream. Um guys i invited missy can she eat with us. Sure why not she has changed. Thanks I oh you big time. Yea you can start by giving me 20 dollars tomorrow. Ugh fine plus I don't care I can always still money from my dads wallet. I am so that I didn't date you at all. (At riles house(  hey mom and dad. Hey Riley how was your day. Well at first I wasn't good then later I had fun. Well I'm glad to hear that. So have you talk to farkle yet. Yea I ask him is he going to help out he said no plus he came to ask out my body like nothing ever happened so I told him not to talk to me into he put some sense into his mind and wanna help. Wow honey you must be hurting really bad. Yes I am.

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