Chapter four Obi-wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker vs Bladewolf

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-theme: loyalty

(The song above gave me inspiration for this chapter, listen while you read the fight scene.)


Anakin and Obi-wan stepped out of the Twilight and onto Korriban's charred and scorched surface. whatever happened must have been done by their target. Anakin could feel the being's presence. it knew they were nearby and was moving. "Master it's moving, it may know we're here." Anakin said, Obi-wan nodded, "Yes I sense that too, we should probably proceed with caution." the Jedi master said, Skywalker just replied with his usual bravado. "Please I'm the soul of caution." he replied confidently, "I mean it Anakin! Whatever's in there is powerful enough to scare master Yoda." Kenobi said sternly, Anakin was quiet after that. as the two Jedi entered the Tomb, they failed to notice a pair of glowing red eyes tracking them in the dark.

-Tomb of Ujunta Pal one minute earlier-

Darth Nox entered an antechamber deeper in the Tomb. his companion was inside, locked in stasis. this companion to the Sith Lord was a biomechanical Jedi hunter designed by Nox himself. he had done so to save a Worg he took in, he reached the pod and deactivated it. the pod opened and a claw made of cortosis metal shot out. the cyborg looked around, before spotting it's friend and ally. [What are your orders Karon?] it asked in a synthisized voice, the Sith smiled under his helmet. it had been a long time since he heard his real name. "We have 'guests' coming... Jedi." Darth Nox said, the word 'Jedi' caught the hunter's attention, [Where are they?] it asked eagerly, Karon chuckled at his friend's excitement at the thought of killing Jedi. "They will arrive soon. When they enter the Tomb, hunt and eliminate them, and Bladewolf..." Nox said as Bladewolf looked up at the Sith, "Use whatever methods you deem necessary to achieve your goal..." he said darkly, the cyborg let out a fang-filled grin. [Affirmative...] he said, with that Bladewolf sprinted to the Tomb's entrance. knowing his friend's true meaning behind the mission Nox gave the cyborg, wound don't kill.

-Tomb of Ujunta Pal present time-

Obi-wan and Anakin were on edge. both wanted to leave, but forced themselves forward. "I don't like this place, Obi-wan. it gives me the creeps." Anakin told his master, Obi-wan nodded a silent agreement before voicing his own concerns. "You're not the only one Anakin...this place is strong with the Dark side." [Greetings Jedi.] came a synthetic voice, both Jedi instantly drew their lightsabers. then raised them as they blocked incoming blaster fire. Anakin was the first of the two to see their attacker, "Who the hell are you!?" he shouted, Obi-wan then saw it himelf and stiffened. "Oh dear... that's not good." he said, Anakin looked at the creature more closely, he then realized that the thing was a cyborg. its body covered in cortosis. the only metal strong enough to block lightsabers. he paled as he realized that, [I am I.F. prototype LQ-84-I you can call me Bladewolf.] it said, its appearance made it look like a kath hound. but Obi-wan could tell that it was a Worg at some point. "Why are you standing in our way?" the Jedi asked, his answer was nearly becoming a knifeblock. [I am here to kill you.] Bladewolf said, Kenobi barely managed to stop the knives with the Force. the speed and velocity they were thrown at was surprising to say the least. Anakin had seen that and was as shocked as his master. who only barely stopped the vibroknives. "You're not the presence we felt, your just a machine like Grievous!" Skywalker stated, Wolf grinded the sawblade on his tail across the ground, ready to fight the Jedi and kill them. [Do not compare me to another cyborg. you will find my design to be superior to the one you call Grievous in every way...I am capable of destroying both of you.] he said matter-of-factly, Obi-wan dropped the knives and spoke. "Perhaps we could talk about this?" he asked, the cyborg was quiet for a time. [Further talking serves no purpose...] said Bladwolf coldy, [Exterminate!] He jumped and howled as he spun in a circle his sawblade revving to life a vibroblade in his mouth. fighting both at the same time, one dealing with the saw, the other with the vibroblade. his strength and agility was something to behold. Anakin and Obi-wan were having trouble keeping up with the bioworg much less blocking its attacks. the sawblade, like most of its body was made of cortosis. making it near impossible to damage. the cyborg kept up its attack, striking hard and fast, no errors in his movements. it was all his Jedi foes could do to defend themselves. Bladewolf jumped and started spinning vertically, sending Anakin skidding backwards from his surprising weight before jumping off the Jedi's chest and making a claw swipe at Obi-wan. both Jedi were accumulating cuts and gashes from their opponent's lightning fast strikes. using the Force was out of the question as Bladewolf had magnetic feet which held him in place, which limited their options for fighting the cyborg severely. then Bladewolf jumped back grinning with his vibroblade in his mouth, his mission was done. [My master awaits you Jedi, further inside.] the cyborg told them, before vanishing into the shadows. Anakin and Obi-wan were in rough shape. their robes were cut and their wounds-though not fatal-were bleeding. they would have to heal before they ventured any further. their fight with this Darth Nox was going to be just as if not tougher than their fight with Bladewolf.

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