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AN: Things might get a bit dark after this chapter.


Jestro felt multiple chills go up his spine as Monstrox practically dragged him to his office. The child watched with fear as they walked past stone gargoyle statues in the hallway leading to Monstroxs room. Monstrox stopped before he opened the door. Jestro tugged at his hood as the necromancer gave him a rather wide grin with his sharp teeth.

"Come on in. I just had the room redecorated." Monstrox spoke casually.

Jestro did not really have a choice since Monstrox practically had an iron grip on his little wrist. Jestro was pulled into the office. The small boy looked around the dark coloured room; unnerved by the gothic decoration and the weird monster statue in the centre being worked on by Roberto. Roberto turned away from his work as Monstrox brought the boy in; nervously fiddling with his fingers. Monstrox let go of Jestro and towered over him; making the boy seem small and helpless compared to him.


Monstrox bent down to Jestros level; using his staff as support. Jestro froze as the necromancer grinned at him.

"I heard from the boys that you got into a bit of mischief at the market today. Am I correct?" He questioned.

Jestro stayed silent as he nodded. Monstrox raised a brow at him.

"No need to be afraid of me, kid." He falsely reassured. "I'm your friend. I just want to know what happened."

Jestro looked down at the floor as he played with his sleeves.

"Moltor was teaching me how to take fruit." The boy started to explain. "But I got caught and we had to run away. When the guy in charge was chasing us, we ran passed a pile of wood and it fell down."

"Did it land on the guy?" Monstrox asked excitedly.

"....No; he was fine."

Monstrox looked away with a disappointed scowl.

"How boring." He muttered before turning back to the boy. "But, just how did that wood fall over? I bet it was better than you make it sound."

Jestro shrugged his little shoulders as he answered.

"I just looked at it and moved my arms a little then it fell over." He explained in a straight foreword way."

Monstrox grinned in delight. Roberto knew this was going to go to something terrible.

"You know what I think happened, jester?" The necromancer asked.

Jestro just shook his head no.

"I think you have what it takes to be a very powerful sorcerer." He pointed his staff at Jestros chest.

Jestro looked up with a curious look in his eyes. He tilted his head to the side in confusion.

"But all I did was make something fall over." He tried to make sense of Monstrox and his words.

"That's just the first step, my boy." Monstrox answered his confusion. "Which brings us to the reason why you're up here."

Roberto watched in discomfort as Monstrox put his arm around the boy and brought him close.

"How would you like to be my apprentice?" He asked with a big sharp toothed smile.

Jestro blinked at him with a rather confused face.

"Apprentice?" He repeated the word in question.

"Ya know; my pupil. My student." Monstrox tried to narrow it down for the boy. "I'll be your teacher, and I'll teach you how to use magic in all kinds of ways. I can make you an all-powerful being. So what'd ya say, kid?"

Roberto watched as Jestro thought about it. The sculptor hoped that the boy would decline the offer and go back down stairs. But if he did, Monstrox would not take no for an answer. On the other hand, Jestro was only a child and he would not really know what the consequences of saying yes would be. Roberto just had to ignore it, even if it made his insides cold and sick. Jestro looked back up at Monstrox.

"...Okay." He answered with an uncertain tone.

Roberto told himself not to look as Monstrox smiled and ruffled up the boys' hair.

"You've made the right decision, Jestro." The necromancer stood up and led him to the door. "We'll start your first lesson next week."

Jestro was about to exit the room. Monstrox stopped him for a moment.

"And one more thing. When we start the lessons, don't tell anyone what I teach you." The necromancer advised; his smile disappearing. "Understand?"

Jestro took a step back as Monstrox stopped smiling. The boy nervously nodded a yes. Monstrox smiled again before closing the door.

When Jestro was out of his sight, Monstrox started humming to himself in triumph. Roberto froze as he watched the necromancer sit down at his desk. Monstrox took notice and glared.

"What're you looking at?" He questioned.

"Nothing!" Roberto quickly got back to work.

Outside, Jestro made his way back down stairs. He walked into the living area to see everyone sitting around with nervous and worried looks on their faces. Whiparella looked towards the doorway and lightly gasped; making everyone look the same direction. Jestro just put his hand up and waved at them.

"Hey, guys-"

Whiparella cut him off by running up to him and hugging him tightly. Everyone gathered around as she started crying.

"Did he hurt you?" Whiparella asked as she held in her sobs.

"No, I'm okay." Jestro answered back; hugging back.

Whiparella let go as Lavaria proceeded to calm her down. Magmar bent down to Jestros level.

"Why did the master want to talk to you?" The general asked; sounding rather concerned.

Everyone watched as Jestro fiddled with his hood.

"He wanted to talk to me about the thing that happened at the market." The boy answered shyly.

Everyone went wide eyed, except for Whiparella who did not know about the market place incident. But Moltor narrowed his brow and gave everyone except Jestro and the girls an angry glare.

"Who's the bird who sang!?" He questioned with rage in his voice.

"Calm down, brother!" Flama held Moltor back.

Whiparella gave them a confused look.

"What are you talking about?" She questioned.

Lavaria calmed her down before she explained.

"Jestro just got into a bit of strife at the market." She tried to explain.

"Then he used magic to get out of it." Moltor interrupted.

"Shut it!" Flama snapped at him.

Whiparella still had a confused look in her eyes.

"Magic? What magic?" She questioned.

Everyone just stayed silent. They were not sure how to say it. Jestro pulled at Whiparellas dress for attention.

"He wants me to be his apprentice." The boy answered to his guardians.

Magmar and the men all looked at each other; recalling their conversation from earlier and regretting it.

"He says we'll start next week." Jestro continued to fiddle with his hood.

Lavaria and Whiparella gave each other weird looks, but Magmar quickly reacted.

"Everyone, I'm sure there is nothing to worry about." The general tried to keep everyone calm and under control. "I don't know how word of Jestros... Talent made it to the master, and now he wants to teach him how to harness it, but I'm sure that aside from that everything will be fine and it will be business as usual."

Magmar tried to look confident and fine. But seeing everyone worried did not help.


Soon he was looking worried. Everyone was worried about their boys' wellbeing and future.

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