The rest of September passed in a flash. Amelia's party had been a success, she was on the edge of being engaged, how that was official I wasn't sure, and I had gotten closer to her and her group of friends. Simbah was accepted by all of the Bianchis unless anyone found him eating things he shouldn't be which was... frankly quite often. Training for the International Culinary Festival was going well and Alonzo and Angela seemed to be less lusty around each other which helped everybody's concentration.

As for Garrett and I, everything seemed to be static. We would share private moments when he would kiss or hug me, pressing me so close to his chest that I would fight the urge to draw away. Then there would be the times when he was purposely trying to avoid me whether in class, at home, or at our training sessions. Whatever was happening with him, I was most definitely not privy to his thoughts.

On the other hand, I didn't hear from Jackson anymore and Harrison and I, after our little get together were officially friends. However, every time I was with him, I started feeling guilty though Garrett and I weren't classified as anything.

The pestering lawyers' calls stalled and every time I called Pierre, he seemed less stressed than the call before. My conversations with Elle and my mom also seemed to slow down as the first quarter of class dwindled to an end. By the time I finally was done looking up recipes and finished chopping strange ingredients, Halloween was upon me.

"Kirsten! Don't tell me you still haven't found a Halloween costume yet for my party." Amelia whined over the phone as I tried to paint my toenail with my left hand and fend off the curious Simbah with my right..

"I'm sorry." I moaned, half in agony as a bit of nail polish fell on my skin and half in stress. "I just haven't had time yet to look for everything yet. I promise it'll be done by Thursday."

"But Thursday's the day before Halloween! What if your costume needs to be tailored or something? Then you'd come in something lame because you didn't go shopping earlier."

"I can just wear my smarties outfit like I usually do."

"Don't tell me honey. It's a lame outfit that has smarties glued to your pants and broken nerd glasses." Amelia's voice turned to a nasal quality.

"Are you okay?" I asked, pausing to turn my phone onto speakerphone.

"Yeah. Just a little cold. But seriously, you need to wear something sexy. Make some fine eyecandy drool when you walk by."

"Alright. I can't promise excessive drooling but I'll try my best."

"You better. I got to go now. Got a doctor appointment. For my cold."

After I hung up, Garrett's voice floated through my bedroom, causing me to jump and spill my red nail polish all over my beauty magazine. "Do you want me to take you shopping?"

"Holy shit." I cursed, turning to face Garrett while trying to dab the liquid off the paper. "Sorry, potty mouth."

Garrett smiled, coming in and taking a seat on my bed, scratching Simbah behind his ears.. Tonight, he was wearing a dark blue dress shirt and formfitting jeans that made him look as if he had just stepped out of a photo shoot with Vogue; in contrast, my purple sweats and uncombed hair looked like something Gwen Stefani would never touch.

"It's alright. I've been on the receiving and giving end. So yes? No?"

"What?" I asked distractedly, mushing my magazine and dumping it in the trash.

"Do you want to go get a Halloween costume for her party? I would hate for you to go dressed up in candy."

"Hey," I muttered, giving him a smile, "don't insult the smartie pants. But sure, let's go shopping. After that is, I change into something... presentable."

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