|Chapitre Quatre|

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AS soon as September was over, October seemed to pass just as quick. It seemed like nothing when the Halloween feast was announced.

The older students in Slytherin had decided to throw a party in the dorms afterwards, only for students in fifth-year and above. It was the talk of the house the few weeks prior to the celebration.

Ophelia wasn't in the mood to enjoy the holiday. Although Hogwarts was starting to grow on her, she missed Beauxbatons. She constantly felt cold in the big castle, no matter how many charms she cast around her.

To make it all worse, her love and only friend back in France wasn't answering her letters. She kept writing to Nicholas but she never got any replies, it was infuriating. She constantly tried to communicate with him through fire but he never answered.

She was supposed to spend Christmas at his house with his family, even though his mother didn't approve of her or of their relationship. She missed his bright smile and sparkling eyes; she would do anything to kiss him again.

Abraxas kept her company at Hogwarts, seeing as she hadn't made any new friends. She hated the girls in her dorm; once or twice she'd cursed them so they were now terrified of her. Rumours spread like a wild fire around the castle, many of which were untrue.

The only people whose company she found enjoyable were Abraxas, Lip Avery and sometimes Liam Rosier. She hasn't spend a lot of time with her friends in different houses, although she did sit with Fredrick Longbottom and Septimus Weasley in Defence Against the Dark Arts.

Though, recently, Abraxas had been more distant. Something had happened a few weeks ago and he seemed to be spending less and less time with her. She was normally left with Liam and Lip during meal times and as they walked to classes.

She couldn't read minds, but she was extremely skilled at Legilimency. She'd dug around in Abraxas mind and, sure enough, Tom Riddle was the cause of all of it.

She wanted to confront the egotistical, nefarious boy, but she was smarter than that. A full-on confrontation with Riddle would lead her nowhere, she needed to be sneaky and she figured that blackmail would probably be her best choice.

On the morning of the seventeenth of October, Ophelia sat down at the Slytherin table all alone. She grabbed some pancakes and began to tuck into the delicious food. Her History of Magic book lay open as she did I not of light reading to pass the time.

A barn owl swooped down low and dropped a letter and parcel down on her book, it landed with a thin and several students around her jumped. The parcel was relatively small and rectangular, wrapped in brown paper with a small bow.

Unwrapping it carefully, Ophelia opened her first birthday present. It was a muggle book; a classic which she'd been meaning to purchase. Les Misérables by Victor Hugo.

She smiled, stoking the spine of the old book. Even without reading the letter it had arrived with, she knew who had sent it. She missed her half-brother. Stephan was the only one in her family who she considered worthy to speak her name.

He was also the only one whom she visited in the summer. She refused to see her father or her stepmother. She never bothered to contact her half-sister either. She didn't need anyone to make her feel loved.

Her brother, in his letter, wished her well at her new school and wished to see her soon. He had just met gotten engaged to a woman called Esmerelda, whom he was smitten with, and wished for the two to meet.

She had just finished rereading his letter again (there was something comforting about reading in your native language whilst in a foreign country), when someone slumped down on the bench beside her.

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