Forever Young..

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Hi! Okay this is like my very first story/fanfic I've ever written and I'm trying to make it entertaining as much as possible! I will be making these little notes before every chapter because I 1 talk so much and tell so much! 2, I might have to describe some stuff in the part! I somewhat am putting this character (relating) her to myself because I have a personality like her and YES...the part where she talks about meeting them ACTUALLY did happen! I did get to meet them at a meet-n-greet, met one of my close friends Caroline there, and got interviewed by BBC Radio and I got in because of the same reasons! All of that is true! I am trying to make this a long story, but we'll see how this goes. Well...that's all I have to say and I hope you enjoy! xx


Today’s the day. My first job somewhat. I’m super nervous I will mess up…what if I spill coffee on my boss? What if I come to work and everyone looks at me oddly…I can’t do this… no Lex, you have to. You can’t back down to one of the best summer internships anyone could offer you, c’mon you can do this. I talk to myself acting paranoid that my first day as an intern at Sony will go all downhill and my boss will hate me. I even picked out my outfit the night before and made sure I looked extra nice for an impression.

 I quickly hopped into the shower and then blow dried my hair. I wore a dark wash of my favorite skinny jeans with a white tank top with some relaxed ruffles going down the shirt. I top it with my favorite black blazer and some chic heels. I curl each strand of hair carefully and make sure each curl is precise. After I make my finishing touches, I rush out the door to my mini and make a starbucks rush to get my favorite.. Grande Iced White Chocolate Mocha no whip. I of course get paranoid that my breath will stink so I make sure to have a pack of gum with me by my side at all times.

As I’m driving to Sony, I have a flashback of when I got the internship. I met one of the executive producers at the Big Time Rush concert. I actually went because the opening was my favorite band… One Direction. I felt guilty for just going for the opening act and ditching the rest of the concert. But I have to say… I am somewhat obsessed with that band? Okay… maybe more than ‘somewhat’ obsessed. I am in love with the boys and have been since Day 1 of the X Factor. I just can’t help it.. they’re funny, crazy, cute, and talented boys. Even their opening was amazing and they were only on for about 20 minutes. Anyways, the man saw me with my friend Caroline at their private meet- and- greet. We actually just met literally and we’ve been friends ever since. I was interviewed by BBC Radio and I guess he just saw something in me that he thought I was good for the job. I was only 14 then, and I wasn’t old enough to have the job even though I was going to turn 15 later that May and I had to be 16. Everyone mistakes me for being 16 so I guessed I confused him, but he promised me ever since that the summer that (when) I’m 16, that internship is mine. I’ve always had a thing for wanting to be in the music industry because music is literally my life. I have to be listening to music 24/7! And I have been planning to go study music in college. I guess I just got lucky that he chose me out of everyone else in that room. I guess I also got the job because he’s friends with the radio DJ that got me in. He’s been a family friend for a long time and he got lucky to get me in the meet-n-greet.

Then I start to think about the mini concert they gave us. It was so unreal and they were too! I was speechless and didn’t know what to say/do. Then when it got to the part when we got to meet them and get a quick picture and say hi…I felt sick. I was so nervous and insecure. Which boy do I stand next to? What if he thinks I’m odd? What if they don’t want me to stand next to them? What if they think I’m ugly? “NEXT” the photographer said. Oh no… I took a big gulp and my legs started to quiver. I didn’t want to move. I didn’t want to be next to them. I didn’t know why, but I just felt insecure and didn’t want them to think I was weird. As I see Caroline take an eager step next to Niall and Harry I chose to stay close to the end and there was Liam. With his eager smile and blushful cheeks. He felt so welcoming and down to earth. I smile and walk towards him with Louis on his side. He smiles at me and says “HIIII” and reaches for my shoulder so he can grasp his arm around it. All that I could get out of my mouth was “…Hii” shit, I’m blushing and he probably thinks it’s odd. I couldn’t stop smiling and I didn’t know what else to say. The photographer took our picture and I walk out with a steady pace. I decide at the very last minute to say hi to one of the boys and at the end was the one and only Niall. I said hi to him and his face was priceless. He did a cute “hiiiii” and put both thumbs up and posed kind of in a girly way, but it was cute. We didn’t make much eye contact until I turn around to look at the boys one more time and then I see………..

I then hear these honks and car screech and then I realize that I started to dose off into a dream and I was at the front of the red traffic light. I felt so dumb and clueless not realizing that the light was green. I then scurry off as quick as I could to please the cars behind me. I then turn into the downtown area and try to remember the street Sony was on. I finally find the parking garage and try to casually turn into the garage like a pro and nothing just happened. I look down at the paper my boss gave me that had my assigned parking spot number and what not on it. I then find the numbers 117 and turn into it. I pull down the mirror and do some finishing touches to my makeup and make sure I look nice. I then push the mirror back up and grab my coffee. “Beep beep” my little navy blue mini makes. I strut down the garage to the entry door to the music studio. I find my floor like I know where to go… but I end up getting lost and had to go to the front desk and get directions. I then find my office that I got and after a split second I hear at my door a voice say “We’ve been waiting for you.”

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